4 Things To Look Forward To This Autumn

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4 Things To Look Forward To This Autumn

Most of us are still clinging to the memories of summer. The warm weather, beach parties, vacations.

Despite the chilly weather, there are still things to look forward to in this sweater weather. Read on for some Autumnal inspiration and discover 4 things to look forward to this Autumn.

1. The changing colours

It might sound a bit boring on paper, but when you actually see the gorgeous colours and the seasons changing right before your eyes, it's sure to put a smile on your face.

Whether you head out on a local nature trail to view the beautiful foliage or look in your backyard at your trees from The Tree Center, you can expect to see a great show.

Just remember to sweep up all those dead leaves before they clog your drains and gutters.

And the misty mornings and the long, beautiful hours of golden sunshine...ahh...

Sure, it might be dark, miserable, and gloomy when you get up for work, but just remember to take a moment to watch the sun come up. It’ll set you up for the whole day.
Look Forward To Changing Colors This Autumn

2. Snuggly Sundays

Rainy, blustery, and cold days go hand in hand with Autumn, and there’s something rather appealing about them.

Rotten weather is the perfect excuse for snuggling under the duvet on a Sunday morning. With a cup of tea and listening to the rain lash at the windows...


Catching up on reading time, trying a new face mask, painting your toenails, or just watching  TV

Maybe you could get your other half to bring you some breakfast in bed too.


3. Food

So long, summer salad! 

We tend to opt for lighter meals during the warmer months of the year, so when Autumn rolls around, we’re looking for hearty dishes that will keep us feeling full and plates filled with warmth and comfort.

We’re talking pies, stews, roast dinners, thick soups, homemade bread, and pastries, and don’t forget to add a lot of cheese!

Take advantage of the veggies that are coming into the season, like pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash. 

Homemade apple or pumpkin pie, anyone?

Look forward to good autumn food

4. Thinking about giving

Some people refuse to mention Christmas just yet – which is understandable! 

But for those of us who like to be organised and get into the spirit as soon as possible, now is the time we can start looking forward to Christmas and all the wonderful treats and gifts we’re going to spoil our friends and family with.

Not forgetting all those Christmas outings to see Father Christmas, visiting Christmas markets, religious services, writing your Christmas cards, nativity plays with the kids, and all the excitement that Christmas brings.

Look forward to Christmas this autumn

Do you love Autumn? What do you look forward to this season?

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