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How To Spring Clean Your Life In 2019

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How To Spring Clean Your Life In 2019
It is reaching that time of the year when we start thinking about the different ways we can improve our lives. Rather than focusing on New Year’s resolutions you know you will never stick to, you simply need to take a more proactive approach to improving your life, from self-improvement to decluttering your physical belongings.

If you want to ensure next year is one to remember, learn how to spring clean your life in 2019.

How to Spring Clean Your Life in 2019 

Review Your Finances & Start Saving

Do you have little money in the bank after many months of hard work? This indicates you’re not spending your money wisely. Provide yourself with more financial security in 2019 by reviewing your budget.

For example, compare your outgoings against your income to identify where you are wasting your revenue. You also should open a savings account to develop a rainy-day fund so that you can enjoy some financial security throughout the year.

Spruce Up Your Credit History

Speaking of your finances, have you got a poor credit history? If so, this could be preventing you from securing a mortgage or car loan. However, it is possible to dispute a report to repair your credit. Crediful specialize in helping people take control of their finances, so you should read their review on a popular credit repair company, which could help you to receive the keys to your own property or car in 2019.

Spruce Up Your Credit History

Alter Your Attitude

A negative attitude can affect your daily life. Give yourself a fresh start by developing a more positive mindset. Whenever you have a pessimistic thought, counteract it with a positive affirmation.

It might also be helpful to undertake cognitive behavioural therapy to effectively manage your emotions and problems, as it can change the way you both think and behave.

Remove Physical Clutter

Clear your mind by clearing your home of physical clutter. Take the time to remove items that are simply collecting dust in your home. This means finally tackling your junk drawer, pulling unwanted items out of an attic, or purging your rooms of items that are taking up unnecessary floor space in the home. It will help you to create a light, airy and bigger home.

Remove Physical Clutter

Automate Your Bills

Take a little stress out of your life by automating your bills, as you’ll simply need to make sure there is enough money in an account to cover your outgoings each month. You also can streamline your payments by ensuring your bills leave the same account to make it easier to track your payments.

Get Real About Your Career

As your career will take up a large majority of your time, it needs to make you happy. Ask yourself if you’re in the right job or if there is something both bigger and better waiting for you. Maybe you are settling as you’re too afraid to step outside your comfort zone.

If so, there is no time like the present to take your career into your own hands, so change jobs, expand on your qualifications, or identify the different ways you can climb the corporate ladder.

Get Real About Your Career

Start Clearing Your Debts

If you want to live a happier, more peaceful life, embrace a debt-free lifestyle. Similar to decluttering your home, getting rid of your debts can make you feel much happier. Aim to pay off your credit cards or make bigger loan repayments so that you will free up your finances in the future. You can then focus on spending the money on home improvement tasks, a dream vacation or a large nest egg.

Say Goodbye to Toxic Friends

While it might not be easy to say goodbye to friends you’ve known for many years, you need to remove them from your life if they pull you down instead of building you up. While you might feel connected to them due to the length of time you’ve known them, or the journey you have gone on together, you cannot keep them in your life simply for nostalgia. If someone treats you badly or damages your confidence, they’re not your friend.

Make a To-Do List

Do you struggle with organization? Do you constantly miss deadlines or fail to identify your priorities? If so, consider making to-do lists so that you can perform every essential task on schedule. Whether you’re juggling multiple tasks at work or want to complete projects within the home, make a list that will break down the tasks by priority, day or concern, which can simplify your life.

to-do list

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