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5 Simple Ways to Destress At Your Desk

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5 Simple Ways to Destress At Your Desk

activities to de stress yourself at your desk

Hours spent in front of your computer every day. Zoom fatigue. Dreadful deadlines.

On a scale of 1-10, how stressed are you? 

Sadly, not everyone has the means and time to go on vacation to relax and unwind. 

So, how to destress yourself after work or while still sitting at your desk?

You can do some activities to cool off when the going gets tough. 

Try these 5 simple ways to destress at your desk and reduce anxiety.

1. Breathe

We often take our breathing for granted. 

Not knowing that proper breathing can help calm our minds and bodies. 

Deep breathing sends a message to your brain to relax. 

It's one of the best ways to lower your stress level.

Before you open another URGENT email...

Before you respond to that irate customer review...

Before you start on your tedious task...

Remember to take a deep, relaxing breath.

Follow this breathing exercise GIF from Do You Yoga:

Breathing can help destress at your desk

2. Play good music

Good music means melodic, calming tunes and fun, encouraging lyrics

But if loud rock music is your cup of tea, go ahead and have a dose of it. Just be careful not to listen to lyrics promoting violence or hatred, as it could rile you up instead.

Psychology Today reports the immediate psychological and medical benefits of music: 

  • increased happiness
  • less stress
  • reduced depression symptoms
  • greater autonomy (self-directing freedom)
  • increased competence, hope, and optimism

Guy singing along to music in his headphones

3. Play games

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. 

Playing games can keep your mind off the cause of your worry or stress. If only for a little while. 

There are many online games to choose from that suit your mood.

Playing games (in moderation) is beneficial. 

Games can boost your memory and creativity, help you make faster decisions, and lessens stress.

Be sure to time yourself so you stay focused and remember your tasks.

Golden retriever smiling playing computer games

4. Eat mood-lifting foods

Good news! You can eat your way out of stress. 

Have you heard of Kratom? 

Higher doses of this herb can have a mild euphoric effect — helping to uplift the mood and promote better clarity of thought. You can find more information about this plant on

The following can also help boost your mood:

  • dark chocolates
  • fruits: strawberries, blueberries, citrus, acerola cherries, and avocado
  • high in fiber vegetables: broccoli, kale, Swiss chard, Brussel sprouts
  • herbs and spices: chamomile, turmeric, saffron, passionflower, parsley
  • nuts: almonds, pistachio, walnuts
Drinking certain herbal teas can also help you relax. 

De-Stress At Your Desk by eating the right food

5. Stay optimistic

Sometimes, things don't go our way. Choose to be happy

Worrying or stressing out will not solve the problem. It will only delay you from finding a solution. Moreover, it could cloud your judgment.

So, cheer up.

Breathe, sing, play, eat, and be merry.

Happy employee The Office gif

Bonus: Color your worries away

Forget about the deadlines and clients for a while. Instead, take out your coloring pens and adult coloring book.

Here are some reviews:

"I have anxiety and ADD, which helps calm me down and keep me occupied for an extended period so I can relax and regroup."

"It has been integral to keeping my anxiety and depression at bay."

"Each one leaves you feeling happier about the day when you sit this book down."

How do you destress at your desk? Share your tips in the comment below!

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  1. Your little gifs said it all, friend! Super post!

  2. Hi, Lux!

    These are excellent tips for de-stressing at work, at home or wherever you might be. Taking a deep breath really does help you to become calm, centered and focused. When I was young I listened to loud rock 'n' roll music while doing my homework. These days I can only tolerate mild background music when trying to concentrate on my writing or other thinking tasks. It's a different story when it's time to exercise. I use loud, invigorating music with a beat to inspire productive workouts. Play is more fun than work. Therefore, I try to find a way to turn all forms of work into play. Make it a game. Challenge yourself. It's fun and rewarding. Food is fuel. If you select the right mixture, you will reap the benefits. I agree that a positive attitude yields positive results.

    Thank you, dear friend Luxie!

  3. These are all great ways to make it though the day far easier. I so remember.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  4. Lovely post dear!Have a great Friday! xx

  5. I need these tips even when I am at home. In the name of de-stress of course which presumably we can avoid these days but we can do something no doubt.

  6. Being optimistic is what I'm always trying to be. It's very unhealthy to be bathing in negative thought all the time. I like to be positive and happy, and enjoy life :-)

  7. I usually eat dark choco and fruit when I work to de stress :)
    Thanks a lor for sharing!
    And have a lovey weekend :)))


  8. Postagem ótima, bom final de semana e obrigado pela visita

  9. Love your posts as always <3

    Nilu Yuleena Thapa
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  10. I'd love to listen to music, I think once I have my office approved completely, I am going to play soft music in the background, I know it releases stress for me... xox

  11. i like the tip about staying optimistic - the attitude matters! :D

  12. I like the idea about bringing the dog to work to play on the computer. No seriously, some great tips. cheers Maria

  13. I love those GIFS they are great! Some fabulous tips here and permission to eat at my desk - yay! Life is good! Thank you for sharing xx

  14. Great article!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  15. You've listed some great points here, in particular slowing/steadying your breathing, as well as remaining optimistic. I love how you mention going through life miserable or happy, that's such a good point we may as well choose the latter! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  16. LOVE this list Lux! It can be used in all our lives- whether at a desk or at home working or just plain MOTHERING too. :)

  17. All great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  18. I love this post! I had a really stressful desk job before I became a stay at home mom. My stress level was usually a 15!! We weren't allowed to listen to music :( BUT some breathing exercises and a little chocolate would have helped!

  19. I may not be at work, but I find that school is a pretty stressful place to be sometimes too! I definitely use the deep breathing. I learned it in my first yoga session and it has stuck with me through hard situations ever since.

  20. ;)

    Bem legal. Gostei!

    Ótimo domingo!

    Beijo! ^^

  21. Thanks for sharing, I sure find it helpful!

  22. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

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  23. or just look and drool at John Krasinski's photo, that helps too

  24. Playing good music is key. I do it everyday :)


  25. This is perfect for me right now. Thanks!

  26. Just what I needed to read. My youngest daughter is getting married in 6 days and I'm stressing a little about it. I need to just take deeper breaths and put on some praise music and be grateful for the million blessings surrounding this upcoming marriage!

  27. Great tips. While breathing is so widely practiced, I binge on food when I'm stressed. The wrong foods too. I have to train myself to do it right. Thanks a lot for these.

  28. What excellent tips! Thank you!

  29. THanks for the tips ~ I will also add: get up and do some light stretches to the back and legs~

  30. I love the one about being optimistic, I should work on that! Great tips.

  31. Being optimistic/positive is the best remedy for stress. I can say it because I tried it. I am always stressed at work. I always complain. I always said bad things against my bosses and other people who I consider the causes of office problems. I always spew negativity all over.

    Then I said to myself one day that I have to stop. I said to God that I will try to stop saying negative things against people. I tried it and I think it's improving my situation in the office. The office problems are still there but I am less affected by it.

  32. Breathing and Music always does the trick :D I can't be sure about eating because if I eat, it would be non stop :P Great pointers :D

  33. This is such a great post! I think that eating always makes everything better

    Rachel xx

  34. I would agree with playing music and thinking positively...and of course, eating! LOL!!!

  35. omg i really need this as I have been in a stressful workload!

  36. Good advice! Simple but effective, and I love the gifs.

  37. Great tips! Love the breathing one and the music - so good for calming you. Love the list of snacks too! #DreamTeam

  38. Lovely post and great images.
    I love that eating can help
    That's my favourite hobby. Haha

  39. Great tips for de-stressing. Cute dog playing computer games - one way to relax!

  40. Hi Lux interesting destressing strategies. Sometimes taking a walk can help too especially if there's a breathe of fresh air to go with the stroll😉

  41. Now that I work from home I find that I'm a lot less stressed and I can play all the music that I want!

  42. I like the eating idea. Although it's not good for the waistline here. Too many sugary snacks available. I often listen to music if I want to really concentrate. It does help stress as well.

    I'd probably add, taking a break. Go for a quick walk around the block. Always makes me feel better.

    Sally @ Life Loving

  43. Lovely.
    And for me, take time out to watch nature. The garden, the sky...

  44. These are all really great tips. I wholeheartedly agree about playing music. I have it on all the time, especially when I'm cleaning.

  45. Destressing is always needed for productive results. Very useful tips. And loved your animated gifs too ....

  46. Perfect time on this Lux! Now if I could only figure out how to enjoy some game time:)

  47. Great post and fantastic tips, Lux! And I love your new profile pic. You look beautiful!

  48. This is really good Lux but it surprises me that coffee would help to de-stress you. For me at least the caffeine can make things worse which is part of why I know do decaf! Here is to a peaceful day.

  49. I agree, Lux....these are some must-do steps to de-stress at work. I missed your posts.

    New Post On The Blog.....

  50. Simple, yet so effective. Thanks, Lux.

  51. Lots of great tips. I agree that music is a real mood booster. It can also break tension in a room too. Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam

  52. Great videos and images, and advice! Thanks for sharing Lux :)