When In Guimaras (Part 1)

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When in Guimaras, enjoy the simple province life and world-class beaches.

Guimaras is an island province in the Philippines in the Western Visayas Region.

For a place with only more than a hundred thousand people in population or 750 inhabitants per square mile, it's a rich island.

What I like most about Guimaras is the simplicity of the people, their adapting to change and commerce without compromising their natural resources, their extraordinarily sweet mangoes (!), and their magnificent pristine beaches (!!!). No wonder it's a favorite vacation destination of foreign visitors and locals alike.

So many things to do and see when in Guimaras.

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When in Guimaras...

Visit the smallest plaza in the Philippines

Only a short distance from Jordan Guimaras port is the smallest plaza in the Philippines. It used to be the smallest plaza in the world.

I couldn't, for the life of me, find our photo so I just borrowed this from

Why I like it: I'm an eternal student. I've always been fascinated by record breaking places and a little trivia.

See the windmills in San Lorenzo 

Located in Brgy. Cabano, San Lorenzo, the windmills of Guimaras is another famous tourist spot. They're scattered around the place so our tour guide brought us to the highest spot for better viewing.

Why I like it: It's perfect for selfies or group pictures, but what I like most about it is that the island is benefiting from the sustainable energy the windmills produce.

Way to go, Guimaras!

That mandatory group jump shot

Eat fresh mangoes

Guimaras mangoes are the sweetest! You MUST try their fresh mangoes when you visit there.

Why I like it: Try it and you'll know why.

Visit National Mango Research And Development Center

Too bad it's not harvest season when we visited. But we did take a dope picture courtesy of our tour guide:

Why I like it: I got to see where the magic of their world class mangoes is born so to speak.

Try Mango pizza at The Pitstop

I know it sounds weird. Mango pizza? I was in doubt...until I've tasted it myself. It's yummy! Their pasta with mango sauce is also a winner according to a friend of mine.

Why I like it: I expected blah but it's unique and surprisingly good. 

Have some quiet moment at the Trappist Monastery

Ever since I was in college, I've heard so much about Trappist Monastery. If you want some quiet time with the Lord, or some break from the world, visit the Trappist Monastery.

They also have a store where we bought some delicacies and souvenirs. The monks themselves cook and make them. We mostly bought dried mangoes (not in photos).

Why I like it: I love me some peace and quiet and this is the best place for that when in Guimaras.

Have a photo shoot at the Guisi Lighthouse (Ruins)

The old Guisi Lighthouse has become a popular sight for photo shoots. In fact, there were people taking prenup and graduation photos when we came to the place so we had to wait for our turn.

Why I like it: There's something about the ruins by the ocean that's simply breathtaking.


Go island hopping!

We went to a total of 6 beaches in Guimaras. And with Guimaras, that's just scratching the surface. There are SO many islets and beaches to see! It's worth all the sunburn I got.

I wanted to include the island hopping in this post but realized it will be too long. I don't want to make the page load too slow because of the photos and links.

Check out When in Guimaras Part 2 as we go island hopping.

Here's a sneak preview:

When in Guimaras, it's a sin not to see the beaches, or try their fresh mangoes. Visit Guimaras and you won't regret it.

Photos from my and my friends' smartphones

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful place and wow, such beautiful pictures! I'd love to try fresh mangoes and mango pizzas there. I've had pineapple on pizza but never seen mango pizza before...gotta try :-)

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    Oh, those jumpshots are always amusing!

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  43. My brother in law went to the Philippines for a church mission, and he brought back all kinds of strange stories. Weird flavors of ice cream. People stealing his underwear. Watching a tapeworm exit his companion... *shudders*

  44. I want to visit now! Years ago my partner wrecked our rental car in the California redwood forest here in the USA. I bring it up because some nearby Trappist monks assisted us. What a delight they were!

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