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Moments When Being Single Is Really Awesome

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Moments When Being Single Is Really Awesome
Maybe we could be each other's soul mates. 
Then we could let men be just these great, nice guys to have fun with.
-Sex and the City

The Single Woman's 30-Day Blogging Challenge
Day 3: Describe a moment or a day when being single was really awesome.

The single life could be tough. It could get lonely and frustrating. But, it could be the best time of your life too.

Moments When Being Single Is Really Awesome


In making decisions
While most people I know have their schedules and decisions tied up and dependent on their partner's/spouse's/kids' schedules, I am totally free to decide for myself.

I love it that I am able to drop whatever I'm doing and pack my things and go out of town, see a movie or meet a friend with just one text or call.

I'm free to wake up or sleep whenever I want to, work overtime without having the trouble of calling someone to move or cancel a scheduled date or appointment, go out and come home at any hour without considering another person's feelings or time, and just be where I want, when I want to, doing what I want. 

I moved and changed places a lot this past year. All the time, I only have myself to think about. Is the place convenient for me? Will I be comfortable? What's in it for me? Will I be able to save more and spend less? It's discovering what I need and want and who I really am in the process that makes it awesome being single.

With finances
I passed by this department store and saw the big SALE signs hanging all over the place. Without guilt and second thoughts, I shopped around to my heart's content.

I pay my own bills so there's no one to consult when I want to buy something, no one to answer to when I go beyond my budget for the week (seldom happens), no infant milk, no diapers, no tuition fees or allowances, no "extra" in my budget.

I know I'd get to that, so while I'm still free from it, I'd revel on having my income all to myself.

In little things
I admit that it gets lonely sometimes. But, if you are comfortable with where you are and you know exactly why you're there, you sleep blissfully every night.

I'm in a phase of my life where I'm like a sponge, absorbing everything I could learn and soaking myself up with the good things (by choice!).

I go to seminars and conferences with my single friends, talk to different kinds of people and learn from them, seeing the world in their perspectives and learning that we all have our own battles.

I think if I'm not single, I will have less time to do what I'm doing now since I'll have different priorities; taking care of my husband, kids, the household, paying bills, and whatnot.

I will have a different focus and I might rarely have time to talk to other people aside from school teachers, baby sitters and fellow mommies exchanging mommy notes (something I look forward to though).


Being not just single, but also someone with lots to share in the relationship area, I am able to speak words of encouragement and give my opinion or share my experience to my single friends who are going through the same hell and dilemma I went through before.

Being single made me a better person. If that's not awesome I don't what is.


There's a beautiful dilemma in decision making when you're still single; where to take my lunch, what movie to see, what color of shoes to buy, where to spend my next vacation, who to meet this coming weekend.

Being single is REALLY awesome because it brings a certain kind of freedom that all my married friends envy and never fail to remind me to be thankful for.

They always tell me to enjoy this stage and to never hurry no matter what other people say because in time, no matter how much I want to, I will never bring this back.

They envy even just the trivial things that come with being single that I often take for granted like sleeping in or staying up late.  

This will  not last for long, so while I'm in it let me bask in the awesomeness that comes with being single.

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