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When Being Single Really Sucks

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When Being Single Really Sucks
There are times when being alone kicks hard and 
leaves you curled up in pain, gasping desperately for air.

The Single Woman’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge
Day 2: Describe a Moment When Being Single Really Sucked

Being single is fun, but like many things, it has its downside. Let's get real. Let me be blunt about it. There are moments when being single really sucks.

There are times when being alone kicks hard and leaves you curled up in pain, gasping desperately for air.

When Being Single Really Sucked

Looooong days

There are really, really long days when you need someone to talk to or just listen to you rant away patiently, hold your hand and assure you that everything's going to be okay.

Your friends are great to be around with, but you will always have this longing for something more intimate. A relationship that goes deeper than friendship could go.


I don't mind going solo and being surrounded by couples. I can't help it if my friends would bring a +1 in some of our get-together. I totally understand. But if I REALLY need to bring someone with me, although my list of friends are long, it's a little frustrating when I can't just pick one.

It would have been easier if you've got this one permanent person you know you can automatically bring with you.

Post-breakup drama

I've had long term relationships. So each break up, no matter how long the relationship went is always bloody, always messy, always sucks.

The adjustment period from having someone to turn to all the time, someone you regularly text, call, have meals with and go places with to having to deal with loneliness or being alone for the first time in a long time can really get to you. Being easily attached, adjusting from "having" to "losing" was really devastating for me.

Holiday blues

Holidays are mostly when people come home or get together with their loved ones. When you're alone during the holidays, yes there's nothing wrong about that. But sometimes, as human nature, you long to feel that you belong. You long to feel home with someone.

Ridiculous comments

It sucks when people poke fun at you like you're a freak without caring to know you have good reasons why you are single. It sucks to hear people make snide remarks and make you look desperate.

We humans have this inexplicable, insatiable, unending need of having someone or something that can make us feel complete.

We need to feel wanted, to hold and be held, to have someone to keep us warm when it gets a little cold, someone to fall asleep with, someone to start our day and have breakfast with, someone waiting to welcome us home after a long day, to make plans and do something unplanned with, someone to share our victory and pain with.

We all have a desire to love and be loved. 

Life is a roller coaster ride; being single included. It has many ups and downs. It's one crazy ride. When I get to the "down" part I just remind myself that I'm not alone in this journey (though it really feels that way).

I'm grateful that I wasn't born envious or jealous of others. I know how to find and create my own happiness.

Being single is not for the faint of heart. 

Sometimes being single really sucks. But, we can't have rainbows without a little rain, right? 

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  1. I agree - sometimes it would be nice to have someone to talk to and who would listen to me vent patiently :o) And break ups are never clean -- what a period of transition and change. Love this post - well said!

    1. thank you Christina. it's nice to know that somebody out there knows exactly how it feels. makes me realize that i'm never alone in the humps and bumps of this journey.

  2. Just maybe if i could meet a Good woman without a Career which the ones that do have their Careers today are so very Money Hungry, Spoiled, And very Greedy these days which certainly Explains why a Good man like me is still Single today.