Write A Perfect Birthday Speech

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Write A Perfect Birthday Speech

So you’ve been nominated to give a speech at your spouse’s, best friend’s, or a loved one’s birthday party. Sure, you’re honored to be acknowledged as an important person in their life. That’s why you were asked to give the ever – notable birthday speech. Yet at the same time, you’re panicking and attempting to calm your nerves.

What are you going to say? Is it a milestone birthday, such as their 21st, 40th, or 50th? You want it to be attention grabbing and engaging to the party attendees, especially to the guest of honor!  You want your speech to be memorable and impressive. You want it to be remembered in the best way!

Writing that perfect birthday speech doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Below are some tips to help you write a speech that will captivate your audience, hold the moment, and make it extraordinary!

Write a Perfect Birthday Speech


Find out who will be attending. Is it a family only, or friends only celebration? Will there be professional acquaintances or colleagues of the guest of honor? Will there be any children there? Or will all be in attendance? Is it a formal or informal party? Is it a planned party the guest of honor is informed of, or is it a surprise party?

All important details to know. However, regardless of the answers to these questions,  the speech should always be kept at an appropriate PG rating.

Are you going to be the only one giving a speech? Or will others be speaking as well? Don’t make the speech too long. In this situation, less is always more. Keep it positive and entertaining. Find out how long you are expected to speak (usually under 10 minutes), and if there is anything specific to be mentioned in your speech.

Create and Organize the Content of Your Speech

If you remember writing a report in elementary or high school, there are three components to include. Those components are the Introduction, the Body, and the Conclusion.

In the Introduction, open with an anecdote or a quote to capture your audience’s attention. Thank the person who asked you to make the speech, and the person or people who planned and put together the party. Then, you can also thank the guests for coming to the party and bringing birthday gift baskets, presents, cards or whatever they may have brought for the celebration.

Most importantly, include an acknowledgement of the host and commend the guest of honor!

In the Body of your speech, you can talk about things like warm memories, and well wishes for the guest of honor. Don’t mention age unless it is a clear milestone birthday. Stick to the main points, and don’t ever bring up any personal issues, or anything the guest of honor may be embarrassed by or uncomfortable with. Also, don’t discuss anything that may be found discerning or offensive to your audience.  Keep everything light hearted, positive and motivational.

You can add in a quote and a joke, but do it sparingly. One joke and one quote is plenty to work with, and it is proper to cite who or where the quote originated.

In the Conclusion of your speech, summarize the main points, say a closing thank you to everyone again, raise a toast, and give a closing tribute to the guest of honor.

Use a Template

If you are still at an impasse, and are lost for words, there are many templates online to help you compose a great birthday speech. You can research templates for surprise parties, milestone parties, or just about any kind of birthday party the speech may be intended for.  If you do use a template, organize the prompts, fill it in with your own unique and original content, and make it your own.

Rehearse Your Speech

The best thing to help calm the pre-speech jitters, is to rehearse your speech. You can rehearse alone, in front of a mirror, or if you have someone like a family member or friend to practice in front of, that can be even more easing on the nerves. Pay attention to the parts that flow smoothly for you, and the parts that you may struggle.

Write a final draft you are comfortable presenting, draw up some cue cards, or enlist someone to assist you through if you get stuck, and again, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! When you are comfortable, confident, and ready to give your speech at the birthday celebration, you’ll know, and it will be great!

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