Understanding Bees In Trees And Know When To Take Action

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Understanding Bees In Trees And Know When To Take Action

Bees play a vital role in the ecosystem. 

They produce honey and are the main instigators of pollination, which enables flowers to fertilize and plant seeds and more flowers. 

Without bees, flowers would die out, affecting all of the ecosystems.

It’s surprising how significant an effect such a small creature can do. 

How do you get rid of bees in a tree?

Bees are not currently protected, but that doesn’t mean we can destroy their nest in trees. Because...

1. They’re essential in keeping the balance in our ecosystem.
2. They can be deadly, especially if you have allergies

The last thing you want is a swarm of bees chasing you.

So, if you’re dealing with bees in trees or a nest anyone near your home, it’s a good idea to get your local pest control company involved. 

They won’t just advise on whether to move the nest or not. 

They’ll be able to get rid of it or connect you with local beekeepers who can take them off your hands. 

You should visit here for more info if you have a bee issue.

Why are there bees in my tree?

Bees love living in trees. It’s a relatively safe place to build their nest. 

Skunks, bears, and hive beetles usually attack their nests. These creatures can kill many bees, so hanging high in a tree is generally safer.

The tree also gives them a good vantage point to start a flight when pollinating while making honey.

Bees Stay In Trees

How long will bees stay in a tree?

Bees can rest in your tree while they re-energize. They are likely to be in your tree for no more than twenty-four hours. 

You won’t see many of them. Once the queen picks a spot to start building, they are unlikely to move by themselves. If the bees are still present after three days, they make a hive.

Unless they are bothered by a predator, they will unlikely leave the hive, meaning they’ll keep on building, and the nest will get larger.

Are the beehives in trees dangerous?

Unless provoked, bees are generally not dangerous. However, they would defend themselves, their offspring, or their hive if they felt threatened. 

Bees feed before swarming, reducing their ability to sting. 

It’s not wise to attach a colony of bees or attempt to remove their beehive if you’re not a professional. 

How long will bees stay in a tree?

Can you smoke bees out of a tree?

When honey bees smell smoke, it causes them to leave and probably not return.

Bees would assume a fire threat nearby, so they’re prepared to leave their hive.

When can you remove bees from the trees?

Let them be if the bees are high in the tree and not close to your home. 

They are unlikely to harm you unless they see you as a threat.

If they are close to your home or have created a nest in a knot in the tree or around the roots, you need to deal with them.

The sooner you tackle this, the better.

When To Remove Bees

It is still best to get help from your local experts to remove the nest safely to avoid harming or killing nature’s hardworking fellows.

There are plenty of beekeepers in your area who will be happy to have an extra hive. They expertly use beehive frames for bees to build their wax comb and store their food.

Now you...

Have you ever had a problem with bees in your yard? How did you deal with it?  

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