Summer Guide To Decluttering Your Home: 4 Steps

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Summer Guide To Decluttering Your Home 4 Steps

Who's guilty of accumulating clutter in their house? Let's face it. [Spoiler alert for those who haven't seen Friends yet...]

Even Monica Geller has this dirty little secret.

Even Monica Geller has a clutter secret

Can a messy house affect your mood?

A messy house can cause stress and anxiety.

Clutters are eyesores. It's difficult to relax in a messy, untidy environment.

Here's an interesting study:

Women who live in cluttered homes were found to have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol in their bodies.

It’s time to simplify and declutter your home with these handy tips.

Whatever method you use, decluttering your home is a very satisfying, therapeutic thing to do. 

Where to start decluttering this summer? Here are 4 steps to guide you and make your life easier.

1. Clean out your cluttered closet. 

The best place to start decluttering is your closet. 

Why do you need to clean and organize your closet?

Billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs are known for always wearing the same clothes.

Choosing clothes for them is too trivial a decision that it's not worth wasting time and energy on. 

They want to avoid decision fatigue.

A cluttered closet invites moths and other pests that could destroy your clothes.

If you notice holes in your clothing or discover moths in your home, call in professionals like Diamond Pest Control (the go-to guy in London). 

If you've managed to dodge moth pests this summer, follow their clothes moth prevention tips to help keep it that way. 

Be ruthless when sorting out your clothing. 

Take everything out of the wardrobe and only return what you love and wear.

Here’s a list of things you need to throw away:

  • Anything that doesn’t fit anymore
  • Clothes you never wore since you bought them (more than six months ago)
  • Worn out underwear
  • Workout clothes that aren’t comfortable or functional
  • Odd socks
  • Broken jewelry
  • Old hangers
  • Uncomfortable shoes
Easy tips for decluttering your closet:

  • Keep seasonal clothes (winter clothes) that you would still use in a separate box.
  • Let go of the clothes you haven't worn in six months. You can donate or repurpose them.
  • See if there are clothes that you can also sell online, in a bazaar, or in your garage.
  • Use containers, baskets, or organizers that are pleasing to look at.
If you can create a theme or color motif, do it. That will make organizing more fun.

clearing closet

2. Tidy up the toys.

Try abiding by the one-in, one-out rule

Whenever a new toy comes into the house, donate an old one that the kids don’t play with anymore. 

Donate toys to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London and bless the kids with their needs.

Say goodbye to:

  • Toys that aren’t appropriate for their age anymore
  • Broken toys
  • Toys that have missing pieces
  • Toys that were gifted but that your children never play with
  • Duplicate toys
Encourage children to clean up after playing. Start them young!

Tidy Up the Toys

3. Purge the pantry.

People have been taking up new hobbies while locked up inside the house. Cooking and baking are some of them.

Clear out the pantry and get rid of anything you don’t need. 

You can donate unwanted food items to your local food bank or church. 

The mayor of London‘s office has a lot of info about how to support local food banks during C OVI D-1 9.

Get rid of the following and make cooking a lot easier:

  • Anything that is past its use-by date
  • Appliances and novelty tools that were never used. 
  • Tinned food that no one eats
  • Unused serving dishes 
  • Plastic cutlery and menus from takeaways
  • Food that isn’t clearly labeled
  • Old spices and herbs
Use containers that can be sealed securely to organize your pantry items.

Purging the Pantry

4. Strip back the bathroom. 

The bathroom should be a place of comfort and relaxation.

But we sometimes collect unnecessary items there.

Make an inventory and toss out the following items:

  • Any expired medication
  • Old toothbrushes 
  • Old makeup, especially if you’ve had it for more than six months
  • Samples from hotels like shampoo and lotion bottles
  • Beauty products that are not compatible with your skin
  • Broken hair clips and stretched-out hair bobbles
  • Fragrances that you don’t like 
  • Dry nail varnish 
  • Old bottles of suntan lotion. 
  • Old smelly loofahs and sponges. These are breeding grounds for bacteria. 
Stripping Back the Bathroom

Don't miss out on the summer fun just because you need to clean and organize your house

Follow this easy 4 steps guide to decluttering your home and improving the quality of your life.

How about you? Do you have a declutter-your-home checklist? 

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