A Summer Guide To Decluttering Your Home

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Let’s face it…we are all guilty of accumulating clutter of one kind or another. The thing is that clutter is stressful and can affect both your mental and physical health. 

We are here to help. It’s time to simplify and declutter your home with our handy tips. Tackle one section at a time - or pick one thing to do a day. You could even print out a task sheet. 

Whatever method you use, decluttering your home is a very satisfying, cleansing thing to do. Where to start decluttering?

A Summer Guide to Decluttering Your Home 

Clearing Your Closet 

The best place to start decluttering is your closet. You should only have pieces in your wardrobe that you love. This will save you time when choosing outfits. It'll simplify your day. 

Say goodbye to hunting through piles of clothes and still finding nothing to wear.

Another great thing about clearing out your closet is that you can deal with any signs of a clothes moth infestation. 

Sometimes when we store clothes, we don’t notice that they are being eaten away by creepy pests. 

If you notice holes in your clothing or discover moths in your home, be sure to call in professionals like Diamond Pest Control (our go to guys in London). If you've managed to dodge moth pests so far this summer, follow their clothes moth prevention tips to help keep it that way. 

Be ruthless when sorting out your clothing. Take everything out of the wardrobe and only put the things back that you love, you wear and that still fit you. 

Here’s a list of things you should throw away:

  • Anything that isn’t your size and doesn’t fit anymore
  • Anything that still has the tags on that you’ve had for a while. You’ll probably never wear it
  • Worn out underwear
  • Workout clothes that aren’t comfortable or functional
  • Odd socks
  • Broken jewellery
  • Old hangers
  • Uncomfortable shoes
clearing closet

Tidy Up the Toys 

Kids seem to gather a lot of toys so it feels like they’re cluttering up your home. 

Try abiding to the one in, one out ruleWhenever a new toy comes into the house, donate an old one that the kids don’t play with anymore. 

There are lots of good cases like donating toys and games to Great Ormond Street hospital in London. 

In your decluttering binge, it’s time to say goodbye to:

  • Toys that aren’t appropriate for the age of your children
  • Any broken toys
  • Toys that have missing pieces
  • Toys that were gifted but that your children never play with
  • Duplicate toys
  • Messy toys that have dried up or gone bad
Tidy Up the Toys

Purging the Pantry

During these months of quarantine, baking and cooking have both been hobbies that many of us have taken up. 

Now is the best time to clear out the pantry and get rid of anything you don’t need. 

You can still donate any unwanted food items to your local food bank or to a local church. 

The mayor of London‘s office has a lot of info about how to support local food banks during COVID-19.

Get rid of the following things to organise your pantry and make cooking a lot easier:

  • Anything that is past it’s use by date
  • Appliances and novelty tools that never get used. Only keep the ones you use on a regular basis.
  • Tinned food that no one eats
  • Serving dishes that you never use
  • Plastic cutlery and menus from takeaways
  • Food that isn’t clearly labelled
  • Old spices and herbs
Purging the Pantry

Stripping Back the Bathroom 

The bathroom is one of the worst rooms for clutter. It’s easy to keep old beauty products that you never use just for the sake of it. 

It’s time to toss out the following items:

  • Any expired medication
  • Old toothbrushes that aren’t used anymore
  • Old makeup, especially if you’ve had it for more than a few months
  • Samples from hotels like shampoo and lotion bottles
  • Beauty products that you tried but didn’t like or that didn’t work
  • Broken hair clips and stretched out hair bobbles
  • Any fragrances that you don’t like the smell of
  • Dry nail varnish that can no longer be used
  • Old bottles of suntan lotion. Always buy a new bottle when you know warm weather is coming
  • Old smelly loofahs and sponges. These are a breeding ground for bacteria. So, consider replacing them with wash clothes instead
Stripping Back the Bathroom

How about you?  Do you have a declutter your home checklist

Don't miss out on the summer fun just because you need to clean and organise your house. Follow this guide and make life easier. Good luck!

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