Is A Career In Healthcare Right For You?

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Is A Career In Healthcare Right For You

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Healthcare providers have proven real-life heroes in the past couple of years.

And they do more than what you see.

For instance, nurses have technical and administrative roles in healthcare planning, staff management, and more.

Let's look at healthcare careers and see if it is right for you.

Is healthcare growing or shrinking?

The good news is that in most areas of healthcare, there's an apparent expanding demand

Healthcare is growing from counties with local and affordable clinics or hospitals needing reliable registered nurses (RNs) to work in specialist care wards.

People get sicker as they age, so the demand for healthcare facilities only grows with an aging population. 

In the US alone, 16% of the population belongs in the age range of 65 and older.

The healthcare industry grows yearly, and healthcare professionals face strenuous and demanding daily tasks. 

For this reason, each healthcare industry must do all it can to help workers and prevent carer burnout also from all other workers too. This could be with support, fair pay, a better work environment, etc.

nursery nurses in pink scrub suit with newborn

Better Job Security?

In most areas of healthcare, there needs to be more qualified nurses, doctors, and other medical personnel. 

Hospitals often cannot hire fast enough to meet demands, a growing problem.

Some healthcare professionals, like nurses, primarily work in different fields, like the corporate world.

Current concerns over artificial intelligence, automation, and other technology-related innovations might threaten healthcare professionals' job roles.

Are nurses going to be replaced by robots soon?

How will they affect the healthcare profession? 

AI could suggest what might be wrong with a patient based on their diagnosis or test results, but they can't provide warmth and personal care from doctors or nurses.

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The flexibility of where to work in the US or Abroad?

Given the demand for qualified personnel to work in certain positions in healthcare, healthcare professionals are needed across the States. 

That's true in larger cities and smaller rural communities that often find it challenging to attract the best talent.

For anyone who enjoys small-town living and a greater sense of community, a nursing role within the community will be perfect, away from the hustle and bustle of big-city life.

A generous relocation allowance sometimes encourages the best talent to move from a different state.

The flexibility for nurses is outstanding. 

Some have chosen to be van dwellers, moving to different nursing jobs through the seasons. 

This is true of Nate Hemann, an RN, who recently hit the news with stories about his ownership of a home on wheels.

There's also an occupational therapist who does the same thing, and several female travel nurses have embraced the RV lifestyle for greater flexibility. 

nurse outdoor helping elderly in wheelchair

How to get involved with healthcare?

The time to study to become a doctor and the debt one might accumulate before graduating are extreme. 

By contrast, nursing is a common choice for those who want to be in the healthcare industry. 

The great thing about nursing is that there's a clear educational path in this career, with nurses able to decide how far they wish to progress.

Most health science courses require a University Clinical Aptitude Test or UCAT to get entry. There are UCAT guides to help you prepare for your aptitude test. 

Studying for an Associate degree in Nursing is one possible step that takes at least a couple of years but provides what is required to work in the profession. 

Becoming an RN does require an exam and passing the licensing requirements for the state where you'll be working. 

From the registered nurse stage, moving from an RN to BSN is a matter of taking the BSN degree in nursing, which is more extended and advanced. 

Still working as an RN, you'll have access to more senior nursing positions. 

The RN to BSN in Georgia also suits people who plan to stay and work in that state. 

nursery nurse with infant

Is the healthcare career trajectory positive?

Nurses can move from the BSN to study for a master's in nursing. From there, a Ph.D. is possible too.

Alternatively, at the master's level, there's the option to study for a future nursing administrator role.

This would move behind the scenes in charge of how the hospital is run to ensure that frontline medical staff has what they need to perform at their best.

smiling female healthcare professional

Is a Career In Healthcare Right For You? 

Overall, healthcare is a fantastic field to be a part of. 

There are optimistic expectations regarding job demand, availability, and flexibility too. 

In terms of the roles themselves, you're free to pick one that matches your skills and preferences.

Additionally, choosing your studies wisely opens doors to more excellent career options.

These nursing jobs offer interesting choices with specializations like acute care, pediatric care, and management or administrative career paths.

A career in healthcare looks positive in the present and future too.

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