Prayer In Time Of Uncertainty

7:48 AM

raised hand worshiping in time of uncertainty

Prayer In Time of Uncertainty

Dear God,

Hear my prayer in this time of uncertainty in my life.

I am blinded by the challenges of the present, help me remember that this is a part of your big plan for my beautiful future.

I am discouraged by the uncertainties of things today, remind me that tomorrow is surely wonderful as You are already there.

It is too dark where I'm standing now. I can't see a single thing. I am scared. I am lost.

Hold my hand. For holding Your hands, I know I can do anything.

Help me take a leap of faith. I don't know where I am going to land. But I know for sure that You will be there to catch me.

Help me remember that if You can calm the waves and the raging storm, You can calm the storm in me.

Remind me of the times you did the impossible to save your children in the face of peril and lead them to Your Promise Land.

I may be in the desert today; parched, exhausted, alone, but I have faith that You are here to provide and protect.

Forgive me for forgetting that You are Almighty.

You laid the earth's foundation.
You parted the Red Sea for Your people.
You closed the mouths of hungry lions to save a faithful man.
You made the blind see and the cripple walk.
You raised the dead.

What can you not do for me?

Nothing is too hard for you. Forgive me for doubting.

Awaken my faith. Revive my soul. Raise my dead dreams back to life again, Lord, I beg you.

My future is unclear and uncertain but help me to believe that it is going to be okay.
Because You hold my future in Your hands.

In this time of uncertainty and difficulty, Lord hear my prayer in Jesus' name.  


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  1. This is very comforting! It says exactly what I needed to tell God. Indeed, we have to remind ourselves of who God is and what He has promised to us. Thank you for this prayer!