What's The Best Type Of Car Battery?

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What is the Best Type of Car Battery

What's The Best Type Of Car Battery

Your car battery will probably need to be replaced at least once. Some people replace theirs at least twice.
Car batteries wear out and die due to constant use, heat exposure, and other factors. It's inevitable. 

However, proper care can extend the life of your battery. Some batteries last longer than others. So what's the best type of car battery? Here's a look. 

The Best Types of Car Battery 

1. Optima Battery

An optima battery is the best type. 

More specifically, look for 34/78 RedTop Optima batteries. 

They're versatile, withstand the rough and tumble of regular cars, frequently used SUVs, and even hot rods (any vehicle with a regularly sized alternator). 

The batteries use SpiralCell technology to ensure a strong start, even in freezing weather. 

They are easy to install, last twice as long, and are maintenance-free. 

The optimal battery has 15 times more vibration resistance than a typical battery.

Optima battery is one of the best types of car batteries

2. ACDelco Advantage batteries

In second place are the ACDelco Advantage batteries. 

They were designed with the Toyota Prius in mind and work great with all Prius vehicles. 

3. Mighty Max

Another excellent battery is the Mighty Max, a solar battery. 

It powers cars, boats, tools, solar energy generators, and more. 

The mighty Max car battery is rechargeable and works well in hot and cold temperatures. 

It's also a breeze to install.

4. D35 YellowTop battery

This battery is the optima battery's RedTop counterpart. 

It's 15 times more vibration resistant, easy to install, and maintenance-free. 

It uses SpiralCell and helps cars start great regardless of the weather.

Battery Checks

Many people are not sure how to check a car battery

Early signs of a dying battery include:

  • slowly cranking engine
  • dashboard warning light
  • swollen battery
  • radio that doesn't turn on

Many auto parts stores will check your battery for free.

You can also test a battery on your own, ideally twice a year. 

Use a multimeter to measure voltage. 

When the engine runs, a healthy battery should be about 13.7 to 14.7 volts. 

If you don't have a multimeter, turn on the car and your headlights. Look at the lights' strength. Dim lights indicate a battery that needs to be replaced soon.

Maintaining your car battery's condition is crucial, so it lasts longer. 

One basic and effective way to do this is to fill your batteries using water purified of dissolved minerals and salts. 

Look up the different types of purified water you can use for your car battery so you can protect it from corrosion and extend its life.

Checking car batteries for maintenance

Tips for the Best Batteries

Regardless of the battery type you buy, there are several steps you should take.

  • Buy a battery less than 3 months old (6 months is OK if necessary).
  • Review the best types regularly, as they tend to change from year to year.
  • Consult your owner's manual or a store associate to ensure you get a battery that works well with your vehicle.
  • Check your battery twice a year, especially if you live in the South (batteries there don't last quite as long as they do in the north).
  • Look for warranties with generous free-replacement periods.
Batteries may qualify for low prices on auto parts in some stores, so look for sales when you're shopping. 

Remember, the younger your battery is, the longer it should last once it is installed in your car.

Are you using one of the best types of car batteries mentioned?

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