What Are Engineering Christmas Cards?

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What Are Engineering Christmas Cards?

Often, marketing for an engineering firm consists of sponsorship and capitalizing on face to face networking opportunities. Engineering firms tend to have a love and hate relationship with marketing. They know it’s essential for the expansion of their business and to increase revenue but like with most businesses marketing is a fuzzy area. After all, real marketing involves, creating a demand, generating leads, building and nurturing relationships with clients. These days it’s important to capitalize off of opportunities to interact with customers such as through holiday marketing. Marketing schemes such as sending Christmas engineering cards can help you resonate in the mind of prospective and past clients.

What Are Engineering Christmas Cards? 

If you've been thrust into the marketing function if you’re engineering firm, you may be wondering how you can best market your firm’s business during the holiday season. Although direct mail marketing is a traditional method of marketing it can still be beneficial and head your firm’s marketing endeavors.

What Are Engineering Christmas Cards?

Engineering Christmas cards are single page mailers that are typically used as part of a company’s marketing endeavors.

These mailers are distributed to prospective clients that you are interested in doing business with and clients you've completed work for in the past.

Engineering Christmas cards encompass a broad range of engineering types. These types of postcards can be custom made and tailored specifically to your company or brand.

Are Direct Mailing Campaigns Effective in the Industrial Industry?

Direct mailing campaigns are commonly used by commercial and retail service companies. Can it really benefit the industrial industry? It's Important to know that there isn't a one size fits all direct mailing tactic that can be applied to all industries.

However, there are some aspects of a postcard marketing campaign that can be effective at generating leads and maintaining customer relationships for any business. Direct mail marketing can be effective in engineering marketing. Thanks to recent innovations and refinements direct mail marketing is making a strong comeback.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of such a campaign is that you can expect a decent return on your investment. After all, postcards are relatively inexpensive to design, print in mass amounts and to mail off to clients. With a relatively low initial investment its a low risk marketing strategy. A print or media based marketing scheme can cost several thousands of dollars. On the other hand, a mailing campaign is much cheaper.

How to Use Direct Mailing to Market a Engineering Firm

Of course, the sole purpose of any marketing campaign is to generate buzz that will ultimately lead to the growth of a business. Therefore, you’ll want to keep in mind that an effective Christmas marketing direct mailing campaign is seeks to capture the attention of prospective clients. They should be inspired to read the content that you are presenting to them and be moved to act on it.

Engineering Christmas Cards

Check out these important tips for creating quality engineering Christmas cards:

Who Are You Talking To?

Before you are being formulating the content for the postcards you should first determine who the intended audience will be. Is this campaign directed at potential clients or previous customers who you’ve successfully completed projects for in the past?

Often, companies generate a mailing list prior to launching a direct mailing campaign or they purchase a list from a reputable company. Whatever you decide to do, producing a list will help down the niche that way you get the best leads.

In addition, you can hire other marketing companies to narrow down your list of prospects based on your ideal buyer profile. Having a mailing list is crucial and it will help you save valuable time and money.

Yes, determining who the audience will be is important because the type of message you’ll be conveying needs to be tailored to the type of relationship you have with the recipient. You’ll never want to send past clients and prospective clients the same message.

Why? Because you want your message to be fresh and different from all the firms who are more than likely trying to get business from that same person? The key ingredients for a successful campaign are the right audience with the appropriate message.

How Will the Postcard Look?

Believe it or not, the overall design of a marketing card is just as important as the message you are trying to send. Aim to create a design that is visually appealing because this is the first thing that the recipient will notice about the postcard.

Since your opting for Christmas theme be sure to use colors that are associated with this holiday. Also, you can make big impact with bold lettering and a good headline that gets the client to notice the wording.

Pictures can speak volumes so don’t be afraid to make use of photographs. Although the postcard should look festive and interesting you should avoid a busy design. You can never go wrong by keeping things simple.

Don’t forget to brand the card with your company logo because the client needs to know exactly who sent them the postcard. After all, the goal is to increase your firm’s clientele and generate more revenue.

What Kind of Value Will You Be Offering?

Go in for the kill by providing some type of value to the client. Offering a promotion is a guaranteed way to get prospective and past clients to respond to your postcard.

This can include a discount between a specified amount of time on the service that your firm offers, a free consultation or estimate.

More than likely, you’ll have to consult with your team on what you can offer a client that will be of particular value to them. In the event, that you don’t get the response you want, the likelihood of the client reaching out in the future when they need your services is high.

What Is the Purpose of the Postcard?

If you’re sending postcards to potential clients you don’t want to attempt to sell when you make initial contact. Instead, the purpose of the postcard should simply be to let them know your firm exists and that you are fully capable of handling they're engineering needs.

Although, it’s not completely impossible the likelihood of landing a contract of a client that you’ve never worked with before is low. So the sole purpose is to grab they're attention.

Formulate Effective Copy

Good copy seeks to identify with the reader. You must use this opportunity to really sell your business, tell the recipients what they can expect from your service and exactly how it will benefit them.

Remember, without great copy your marketing endeavors will be in vain. If you find it difficult to really capture your brand’s voice in the copy then you should consider hiring a professional copywriter who can bring your vision to life.

Don’t Forget the Call to Action

There should be a call to action at the end of the postcard you’re distributing. The call to action is what makes it clear to the recipient what you would like them to do. A call to action can tell clients to subscribe to your website’s mailing list, sign up to a newsletter or to make contact through the phone.

The call of action should be appropriate to the audience. For instance, the postcard is being distributed to prospective clients you don’t want to try and force them to make a commitment to a service they have never done business with prior.

An appropriate call to action for a prospective client would be something low risk like subscribe to your firm’s website or signing up for a newsletter. The firm’s name, phone number and social media information should be included on the postcard.

Putting Together A Good Holiday Themed Direct Mailing Strategy

While postcards can be a great asset to any marketing scheme for an engineering firm, it’s only effective when executed properly. The first thing that the primary focus needs to be placed on is what businesses you’ll be distributing your postcards too.

This is essential because you don’t want to send out these marketing cards blindly to any company that is in the area. Instead, it can be beneficial to focus on one geographic location at a time to yield the best ratio to effort results as possible.

One technique that is used in direct mailing campaigns is distributing in farming territories. Farming territories are geographic locations where your firm can expect the most business at. For an engineering firm you might expect to generate the most business in industrial areas.

So your distribution should be focused on these areas. If you utilize this method you won’t need to allocate time to developing a mailing list.

Also, you can stay in the mind of past and future clients by using additional door to door strategies in your direct mailing campaign. Why not considering offering branded items such as pens, magnets or types of merchandise that have your company’s logo on it. Clients enjoy trinkets that can be useful to them and they’ll likely remember the company who sent it to them.

Testing the market prior to launching a full direct marketing campaign can be beneficial. In fact, not doing so is snug mistake that can result in the loss of money. It’s always a good idea to test out your direct mailing campaign in a small market to see how well it performs. If it’s difficult generating leads or making sales in a smaller portion of your intended market you will have to rethink your marketing strategy to achieve success in a larger demographic.

Before you send your engineer Christmas postcards out you should take a step back and approach your marketing efforts from the stance of a customer. How would you react to the postcard being presented? Would you be interested in the promotion being offered? Will clients be excited in what you have to offer? Consider these factors before you make the next step. If you can’t convince yourself than it’s likely your clients won’t believe in you.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Be realistic in the results you expect. The truth of the matter is that you’ll rarely experience massive success with just one direct mailing campaign. In many cases it can take a few campaigns to really yield the results desired. You can measure how successful your campaign was by asking clients how they found about your service. Phone calls and emails that were yield from your postcards can also be counted. Outsourced customer based services can manage and track incoming calls that result from the postcards your company has distributed.

You can also track visits to your website by making a personalized url for each recipient so you can see if they have visited your landing page.

Also, following up with potential clients can help you land a lot of contracts rather quickly. You can follow up a Christmas postcard with brochure or sales letter. If you can personalize it because making it personal helps establish a relationship. Get their permission to call so that you can provide more valuable information.

Engineering firms are hesitant to use direct mailing marketing to help grown they're firm. In an era where technology rules, many businesses feel that something as traditional as postcard marketing has become obsolete. That’s far from the truth.

Using engineering Christmas cards to reel in customers during the holiday season can be very effective. Direct marketing aids your expansion efforts and should be used in combination with other marketing strategies on a consistent basis to really generate a lot of leads. Remember to align your brands message with the marketing materials for the most effectiveness.

Get Help

Because direct mailing campaigns can be time consuming and overwhelming. It may help to partner up with direct mailing companies who can handle the bulk work of the design, creation, printing and mailing aspects. These companies even handle the addressing and will hand pack each envelope. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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