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Top Ways To Keep On Top Of Household Stress This Winter

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Top Ways To Keep On Top Of Household Stress This Winter

When trying to keep track of a household and ensure everything’s in tip-top shape, it can be easy to forget about yourself and let the stress get to you. Especially when the winter blues start to hit.
If you’re juggling parenting, your job responsibilities, and generally looking after the household, keeping track of your health is important so you don’t burn out. 

Otherwise, you’ll be no help to anybody.

If you want to keep on top of your household stress this winter, read on!

1. Create a chore rotation.

One surefire way to lessen the stress at home is by setting out a chore rotation schedule.

If you find that much of your time is spent cleaning up after your family and sharing the load, you will find that tidying and maintaining your household will become more manageable. 

Your children don’t have to get involved with every single household task, rather share the responsibility with some age-appropriate jobs they can do.

This could be unloading the dishwasher twice a week, or tidying their room, for example. 

Teaching them the importance of taking responsibility and ownership for their mess will only stand them in good stead for later life.

boy with glasses doing the dishes

2. Prepare your meals ahead.

Meal prep is one aspect of running a household that can take up much time and mental energy.

Make life easier for yourself by cooking large meals in bulk and putting food in the freezer to enjoy later in the week. 

One idea is to prep these meals on a Sunday when you have time. 

You’ll be grateful when you have had a particularly long day mid-week, and you can simply take out your pre-prepared food, defrost it and add some fresh veg!

4 bowls of prepared healthy meals

3. Schedule some me-time.

If you are a busy parent and work as well, it can be easy to get caught up in various tasks every day and find no time for yourself. 

This isn’t sustainable over a long period, especially as you won’t be the best parent you can be if you haven’t looked out for yourself first. 

That’s why it's important to ensure you get enough sleep, eat well, and take every opportunity to mentally and physically reset.

This doesn’t mean you stop parenting – rather, you set some time aside, so you can let any stress or tiredness go and get back to doing what you do best.

Check out The Chopra Center's meditation retreats which can be the perfect setting to switch off and let go. You’re only human and can benefit from much-needed time to rejuvenate and reset.

woman relaxing in a bathtub

4. Budget when you can.

You can take the stress out of running a household if you regularly track your finances

Doing this will stop you from finding yourself in a tight spot when you unexpectedly need money because of family car repair or household maintenance. 

Depending on how much you save, this can even go towards a family vacation or trip that everybody can enjoy.

Man and woman budgeting on a table

There will always be various tasks to juggle when you run a household, but by planning in advance, asking for help when necessary, and taking a break, you’ll soon find yourself less stressed. 

How do you keep your household stress level low during winter?

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