Foam Roofing For Homes: 4 Frequently Asked Questions By Homeowners

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Foam Roofing for Homes

Foam roofing is made of spray polyurethane foam (SPF). It is the ideal roofing option if you’re looking to waterproof your roof and insulate your home with material that will keep it warm during winters and cool during summers. Foam roofing provides a sturdy, uniform and long-lasting coverage and can be applied to any type of roof. It offers incredible protection from potential damage by rain, hail and snow for years to come.

Foam Roofing for Homes: 

4 Frequently Asked Questions by Homeowners 

How is foam roofing installed?

Foam roofs are installed by spraying polyurethane foam onto your existing roof in a seamless, uniform layer. The spraying system ensures that the tough corners and hard-to-reach areas on your roof all get the same, even coverage.

In contrast to conventional roofing, which is manufactured elsewhere and then transported to your location and fixed piece by piece on the roof, foam roofing is done on-location. It is spray-applied evenly and has no joints or seams, thus leading to considerably less wear and tear over time.

What are the key factors that determine the life of foam roofing?

There are many different kinds and densities of foam used for roofing homes and commercial buildings. Only an experienced roofing company with expertise in this particular roofing technique can be trusted to use the type and density of foam that’s ideal for your roof.

Aside from the quality of foaming, the installation technique and equipment greatly determine how well your foam roof will perform over the years. Getting the perfect slope is essential for trouble-free and durable SPF roofing. Lastly, the weather has to be just right for the application of foam.

For these reasons, we recommend that you use the services of only a certified foam application specialist.

foam roofing

Is foam roofing worth the investment? How long does it last?

With regular maintenance, SPF roofing can last for up to 25 years. Roofing companies, however, usually give a 10-year warranty. So the very first step to ensure your roof will last a lifetime is to hire a contractor that will give you the surety of a job well done in terms of the quality of material used, the right slope and drainage, and seamless coverage across uneven surfaces.

Do foam roofs need added protection?

Note that SPF roofing is susceptible to damage from UV rays and hailstorms and pecking by birds. To protect the roof from ultraviolet damage, you can have acrylic UV coating applied on top of the foam. Another inexpensive option is gravel coating. However, while gravel offers protection from UV as well as from hail and birds, it is heavy and can only be done on a structure that can take the weight.

We recommend that you consult the best of phoenix roofing companies, so that you get access to professionals who are experts in SPF installation, repair and replacement.

Whether you’re looking for roofing options for your residential or commercial property, hire only an accredited roofing company that employs certified workmen for the job. Remember that when it comes to something as important as roofing for your home, experience matters most!

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  1. Never knew foam roofing existed. Additionally, unsure I am if it will fit our Malaysian weather. Great knowledge though.