5 Environmentally-Friendly Ways To Heat Your Home

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Environmentally-Friendly Ways To Heat Your Home

The weather in many places like the United Kingdom and some states in the US is highly unpredictable. 

This means you have to cope with erratic weather changes and patterns. 

Ensuring your home is warm and comfortable throughout the year takes more than just installing HVAC systems.

You need a professional's help like MetroPHA to ensure your heating system is properly installed or fixed when it needs repair.

If not taken care of, it can drive up your energy bills way beyond what you can afford. 

You can save some money by using green ways to keep your home warm and cozy too.

Here are five different environmentally-friendly ways to heat your home.

5 Environmentally-Friendly Ways to Heat Your Home

1. Install ground-source heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. 

These pumps work by mining heat from the earth, then direct the heat to the house and water. The pump is made up of a series of ground loops (pipes) buried in the garden or backyard to attract the heat. 

This heat pump can be used to keep your home warm throughout the year.

You may however need a backup heating system to use in winter and when the ground is cold.

2. Invest in an air-source heat pump

Just like ground source heat pumps, this pump harvests heat from the warm air outside, then directs the heat into the house.  

The heat is dispersed with the help of fans or even through the home's central heating system (wet). 

This pump only works best in warm weather, hence a backup heat source may be needed during winter.

3. Use underfloor radiators

Radiators are particularly helpful when using a boiler to heat your home though they aren't as efficient when used with heat pumps. 

You may need to invest in more powerful radiators or make use of underfloor heating. 

Wet underfloor heating works particularly well with heat pumps hence recommended for maximum energy savings.

4. Biomass boilers

Biomass boilers provide the ideal way to heat your home without using too much energy. 

These boilers also reduce carbon dioxide emission significantly. A regular supply of wood is needed to keep the furnaces running. 

These boilers use logs, wood pellets or chips to produce heat. 

Unlike an automatic pellet-fed boiler that is expensive to run (costs around '9,000), a biomass boiler system is more affordable. 

You should be able to save at least '1000 per year running on these. 

All you need is place the old gas heating system with a biomass system. 

If you want to use bio-fuel but on a smaller scale, biofuel fireplaces are trending nowadays. 

Ethanol To Heat Your Home

5. Use solar panels

Solar photovoltaic panels provide an excellent way collect and convert solar energy into electricity.

These panels can be installed on a wall or a sunny roof to harvest solar energy. You can even have solar thermal panels fitted to provide hot water.

Studies by the Energy Saving Trust show that installing a solar water-heating system costs the consumer at least £3000.

Although the initial costs may be high, you get to record considerable savings in the long run. 

The beauty of investing in solar panels is that you can run everything in the house from its power. This means even more savings.

How do you keep your home warm during the cold season in an environmentally-friendly way?

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  1. Hot tea or chocolate (preferably) helps too!

    Be well and warm, Lux.

  2. Weather overall in every part of the world is playing sparks. Global warming and environment pollution, We definitely don't need heating. On the other hand hand, cooling is what we appreciate. Solar of course jives.

  3. I once stayed at hotel with underfloor heating and loved it!

  4. It's great the ways that are available to save costs and heart our homes and more than that, to use the earth's resources. Thanks for these ideas. Happy day!!!!