When People Don't Believe In Your Dreams

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When People Don't Believe In Your Dreams

When People Don't Believe In Your Dreams

When people don't believe in your dreams, remember that it is not your inadequacy that shows but theirs.

When people don't believe in your dreams, look at their history. Most of the time, these are people who once dreamed the same dream but failed. They must have seen the same spark and zest in you that they had when they were dreamers. They can sense your enthusiasm and determination in reaching your dreams. They can see the dreams they once had in your eyes.

But that must be why they don't believe in it anymore. Because they failed. They went crashing down hard and it was so painful that they never want to try again. Nor do they want to be near that dream again. And hearing you speak about your dreams remind them of their failure.

believe in your dreams

When people don't believe in your dreams, it is their fear that they feel and they project on you.

Their negativity has nothing to do with you or your dreams and everything to do with who they are and their lack of faith.

It may be discouraging, painful, and frustrating especially if these people who don't support you are close to you.

It would be nice to hear them cheer you on. It would be easier to face trials and conquer your  mountains along the way if you know there are people who got your back. But that's not always the case. That's alright.

When David was about to face Goliath, everyone including his brothers didn't believe that he could win. How could they? He's just a boy. All he had was a sling and a stone. That's all they could see.
Repeat: That's all they could see.

But David is more than just his sling and stone. David knew He could because He had faith.

And what did his brothers know of what he can do? They weren't there when David was alone and honing his skills. They don't hear his conversations with God. They don't feel and hear God's calling for him.

They only know what they can see with their naked eyes. They only understand with their limited knowledge. Plus, there is envy in their hearts.

Aren't we guilty of this too? At some point, weren't we like David's brothers?

We think we know someone so well. We see their limitations and what they can do and we think we can predict what their future will be based on what we see.

We are fast to judge and discourage with our words. Yes, we may have good intentions. We may want them to see what we can which we think is reality. But we do we really know about them; their hearts, their faith and the depth of what they can do? What is reality? As Krishna Saagar says, "You don't see the world as it is, you see it,as you are."

We didn't see the time they put in to work on their God-given talents. We didn't see their sleepless nights and hard work to get to their dreams. We haven't walked in their shoes, we don't know the battles they faced and are still facing.

Who are we really to judge?

Let's be like David instead.

we can do better

Let's perfect our skills and offer the world what we have been gifted with. No matter how small or insignificant it may be to most people, even if the world would mock us, even when those we love and hope to support us laugh at us instead and tell us to "dream on," may we never waver in our faith.

God Himself planted those dreams in our hearts (Bo Sanchez). Who are they to question it?

Most importantly, why would we doubt that?

Hasn't God shown us He can deliver?

Is the God who can part the sea, calm the storm and raise the dead not powerful enough to equip us of what we need to accomplish the mission He has entrusted in us through our dreams?

When we question our capabilities, we are insulting God.

When people don't believe in your dreams, remember David.

You may be facing a giant with only a sling and a stone in your hands, and that might look ridiculous indeed. But that's not all you've got. You have a big God Who will not let you be defeated and Who knows what you're capable of and believes in you.

When people don't believe in your dreams, don't show them what you can do, but what God can do through you.

When people don't believe in your dreams, listen to God's voice in your heart. It's God's opinion that matters most. The rest is just noise.

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  1. Sad isn't? People and not believing in our dreams. At the end, I guess its us and achieving it.

  2. I've missed you Lux.. it's good to read your uplifting thoughts again. Even if we think we are not capable of something, we should not project that on others... who are we to judge anothers dreams... we should cheer them on xox ❤

  3. So true! We base our dreams not on what we think we can do, but on what we think God can do. God is a big God and nothing is impossible with Him. Dreaming big dreams honors God because it shows how much we trust Him. Keep on dreaming my friend!

  4. Such an interesting post!
    Have a nice week!
    Gil Zetbase

  5. Dear Lux, my soul has been parched for encouraging words, such as these! It's hard to keep chasing your dream when the folks in your life just don't get it, much less support it. Thanks and blessings for the gentle reminder to cling to the One who created us and our dreams, not the ones who surround us.

  6. It can be really hard when people you trust or want to have support you don't support your dreams. But the important thing is that they are your dreams and you still believe in yourself. You're right -- usually their disbelief is more to do with them and less about you.