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Detox From Toxic Feelings

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Detox From Toxic Feelings
What you can feel, you can heal.

The reason most of us get sick is because we poison ourselves with negative thoughts and emotions. We need to detox from toxic feelings. Every sickness brings a message. Our body is telling us something's wrong which is why some people get depression.

Science agrees that emotions affect our total wellness:
  • Hopelessness causes lung problems. Probably. Sometimes when you feel down you find it hard to breathe.
  • Rigidity causes migraine. When you want something done to the last detail and it does not come to be, it gives you terrible terrible headache, doesn't it?

  • Anger causes insomnia.  

  • Aggressiveness causes gastric ulcers.
  • Anxiety causes digestive problems and skin problems.

So, how do we get rid of toxic feelings?

Detox From Toxic Feelings

1. Feel your feelings.

Don't deny it. The more you deny it, the more it will eat you up. There's a difference between experiencing and expressing your feelings though. There are times when you feel like killing someone out of hate, but it's another thing to express it. That's where owning your feelings comes in.

If you're sad, happy, scared or mad, you need to recognize that you are. Feeling your feelings is showing love to yourself. It's recognizing and valuing how you feel.

Emotions are teachers.
It teaches us about ourselves. Why do we get angry or why do we worry about something? Why do we get hurt? Maybe because we have an inner wound. Or maybe because there's an insecurity within us that we need to heal.

Emotions are healers. 
What you can feel, you can heal. Once you know what's giving you such feelings, you will know what to do about it or how to avoid feeling it. You will only find the solution to the problem if you know what the real problem is.  

2. Own your emotions. 

Don't let your emotions own you or it will control your life. It's amazing to know that we can actually control how we feel. We can let ourselves worry, get mad or feel down or we can choose to be happy and grateful.

3. Control your emotions.

Emotion is said to be an energy in motion. So when you feel sad, energize to reflect. Reflect on the things in your life, get in touch with you inner self.

When you're mad, energize righteousness. 

I know it's easier said than done. I for one find it hard to divert my attention when I am angry because I seldom feel it. I'm unfamiliar with how to deal with it. So what I do is write about it (writing is a good therapy), and not let anger overwhelm me.  

When you're glad, energize to serve

Transfer your gladness by reaching out to those in need.

When scared, energize caution. 

Being scared is our brains' way of warning us from danger or from something unfamiliar.  

We can't control how things happen around us, but we have the last say on what to do with it. 

We can cleanse our body from the toxins of negative emotions if we allow ourselves to.

Modern medicine is a huge help in healing our sickness, but it only can work with the physical. Getting into the root of our sickness is more important. Our feelings play a major role in our health. 

Don't be a slave of your feelings. Detox from toxic feelings by owning your feelings and being the master of your emotions.

Detox from The Feast talk.

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