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Detox From Negative Thoughts

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Men are disturbed not by the things that happen, 
but by their opinion of the things that happen.

Detox From Negative Thoughts

Your imagination is the remote control of your emotions.

That's the big message. It's all in the mind. We often hear that. This is because our thinking produces our reality.

When we think about something repeatedly for a long time, it affects our emotions. Our imagination, affects us in a huge way. The way we perceive things dictates our actions, our decisions, and in turn affects our future and our lives.

Whether the situation we are in is hopeful or not, whether our problems are big or irrelevantly small, whether we can surpass life's test or not, it is all up to our perception.

We will always encounter toxic situations. It's inevitable. But, we can always detoxify from it.  

First is by taking a step back and looking at things from a third person's perspective. This one works for me. Every time I catch myself so focused on an issue, I take a step back and look at it like I would watch a movie scene. Once I detach myself from it or I try to be objective, I see things clearly, I can think of a way to resolve it, and eventually detoxify from it.

Second, change the scene from your mind. Change how you see things. Change your take on something. Oftentimes, when we change the way we look at a situation, we change our feelings about it.

We create things in our minds first, and then through our actions. 

Positive thoughts, obviously create positive outcome and emotions, just as negative thoughts create positive outcome and emotions.

Your imagination is the remote control of your emotions. Control your imagination. It's the most powerful tool of the mind.

2nd part of Detox series at The Feast: Detox From Negative Thoughts

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  1. Loved this post! I guess we should all learn to disconnect from the negativity more! It's just so hard sometimes...
    Christina ♥