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5 Things My Future Spouse Needs To Be

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5 Things My Future Spouse Needs To Be
 We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, 
and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, 
we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love. 
-Dr. Seuss

The Single Woman’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge
Day 8: 5 Things That Are Most Important To You In A Future Spouse

The 5 things my future spouse needs to be?

My friend asked me this question too and I guess I now have a better answer than I had then.
The list may go on and on and on if I start, but let me try to narrow it down to five here:

5 Things My Future Spouse Needs To Be

Lead me in faith

He must bring me closer to God. Someone who shares the same faith with me or better yet, someone who's got a more personal relationship with God than I do. Someone who will encourage me and lead me in faith.

He doesn't have to be a saint or a martyr, he just have to know God and put his faith into action.

Financially literate 

Women want security, and the best way to make a woman feel secure is to provide for her needs and see to it that her future is in good hands.

He doesn't have to be super rich, he just have to be knowledgeable in managing his finances and a good, generous provider. I just don't want to wake up one day and panic because I can't even buy us eggs and milk or won't be able to pay for our children's education (should we decide to have kids).

No woman wants to feed a good for nothing lazy ass. Money plays an important role in every relationship. Money may not be everything, but it sure does affect every area of our lives.


Wise, not just intelligent

I know people who are academically intelligent but are far behind when it comes to dealing with "real life". They are intelligent in many things, they excel in school, but lack wisdom in dealing with what everyday challenges.

A real man should not just be a know-it-all in academics, but someone who can survive the life in the jungle, so to speak. Someone who sees beyond the facts, who doesn't just rattle trivia but also possesses wisdom.


A loyal person stays with you no matter what, keeps his promise and stays committed long before the mood he's in when he promised you things is long gone.

With a good sense of humor.

It would be great to be around someone who doesn't take himself, or life  too seriously. Someone who can consistently make you smile and make you feel better when you're down. Someone who can bring you sunshine when it rains.

Well, if he's also a good cook and a masseur on top of that then I think I'd be the luckiest woman alive.

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