Small-Town Romance Novels To Binge Read: Miles Family Series

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Small-Town Romance Novels To Binge Read: Miles Family Series

Small-Town Romance Novels To Binge Read Miles Family Series by Claire Kingsley

It's Romance Awareness Month (yes, it's a thing!). So allow this humble romance novel addict reader (me!) to recommend her favorite small-town romance novels to binge-read. First on the list: The Miles Family by Claire Kingsley.

1. Broken Miles (Miles Family Book 1)


  • Second Chance Romance
  • Forced Proximity
  • Highschool Sweethearts


Broken Miles is focused on Roland, the eldest of the Miles brothers. He's a city slicker thriving in his career with a sophisticated condo and a fat paycheck. But one call from home changes everything. 

His family's cherished winery is in peril, and it's up to him to save it. 

This wasn't just a chance to rescue the family business; it was an opportunity to mend the ties he had been neglecting, which had frayed in his desperate attempt to escape a painful past and a heartbreak that still haunts him.

But he finds the situation more tangled than a twisted vine when he gets there. 

The mess his father left behind is nothing compared to the events coordinator in his family's vineyard: Zoe Sutton. His ex. 

The no-nonsense woman who once shared his dreams but one day walked out, leaving behind his shattered heart.

Zoe's family to his family. And they can be professional. Friendly even.

Or so they thought.

Working together in the family vineyard, old passions begin to stir. 

Can they navigate through the broken pieces of their past to find love again? 




I love this heartfelt journey of rediscovery, forgiveness, and love that could blossom once more.

With her unstoppable spirit and fierce tenacity, Zoe became my instant favorite. 

And Roland? His relentless work ethic and deep loyalty to his family are admirable - though he was initially reluctant. 

Yeah, I like it when a grumpy and emotionless exterior slowly unravels. It's like watching chocolate melt in the fire.

But what truly stole my heart was the undying ember of passion between Zoe and Roland. Despite a divorce that could have been the end, their connection sizzled and sparkled, refusing to be extinguished.

They fell in love at 17, but their story never turned into mere youthful infatuation (it was just mentioned in the book, but the focus is the present Zoe and Roland). 

They were careless and had an epic time, but they also faced hurdles more serious than you'd expect from teenagers. And even more so when they finally married and moved to the city.

And you know what their story reminds me? 

Communication. Is. Crucial! Simple talk and heartfelt conversations could rebuild bridges. 

Small-town Romance Novel Broken Miles (Miles Family Book 1)

2. Forbidden Miles (Miles Family Book 2)


    • Childhood Crush
    • Off-Limits
    • Brother's Best Friend


    Get ready for a fun, chaotic ride with the second installment of this captivating series by Claire Kingsley - Forbidden Miles

    This time, the spotlight shines on Brynn, the youngest and only daughter of the Miles family, and Chase, Cooper Miles's childhood best friend.

    Oh, Cooper and Chase! What partners in crime they've been, living up their bachelor life and earning reputations as town playboys. 

    Chase knows the rules: Cooper's sister, Brynn, is strictly off-limits. But rules were made to be broken, weren't they?

    Watching Brynn bloom into a stunning woman stirs something in Chase's heart. Something more than discomfort when he sees her with another man. 

    A forbidden feeling that he knows he shouldn't harbor, lest Cooper murder him.

    Meanwhile, Brynn's not just the little sister anymore. 

    Her childhood crush on Chase has blossomed deeper, more intense, and utterly undeniable. Especially after that kiss - that one forbidden, electrifying kiss.

    The brothers disapprove. The winery's future hangs in the balance. And yet, Brynn and Chase are drawn to each other against all odds and reason. 

    Will love triumph over family loyalty and unwritten rules? Can they weather the storm and find their happily ever after?





    I adore the unfolding saga of the Miles family, and this book is no exception.

    Brynn, the baby sister with four overprotective brothers, isn't the little girl they remember. She's grown into a formidable, independent force who knows her heart and won't let anything stand in her way, not even the bond between her brothers and Chase.

    Speaking of Chase, what an in-between plays he's stuck in. Torn between his loyalty to Cooper and his growing, undeniable love for Brynn. 

    But with Brynn's determination (or stubbornness), he fights for love, all while maintaining his loyalty to the Miles.

    And Cooper! Though he tries to play the tough guy, his protectiveness for his sister is downright endearing. 

    My favorite part was when Cooper finally saw the truth in Chase's intentions with Brynn. It was both hilarious and emotional like only Cooper can deliver.

    This story is about the realization that sometimes, love means letting go and trusting those we hold dear. 

    Whether it's Brynn's courageous pursuit of her heart or Chase's delicate balance between friendship and love, this book has layers that will make you believe that love conquers all.

    Small-town Romance Novel Forbidden Miles (Miles Family Book 2)

    3. Reckless Miles (Miles Family Book 3)


    • One-Night Stand Romance


      Reckless Miles by Claire Kingsley is a story that will steal your heart and leave you with a big, goofy smile!

      Cooper Miles loves working in their vineyard's field. He's adorable in the way he talks to the plants. He also knows how to party. 

      But something shifted when he met Amelia Hale. The woman clad in a wedding dress at a bar. Her life has taken a completely unexpected detour. 

      A casual kiss. An invitation back to her hotel. Nothing that this playboy couldn't serve.

      It was reckless. But not the wedding dress or Amelia's innocent inexperience unnerves him. 

      No, it's how she makes him feel — these overwhelming, uncharted emotions both bewilder and enchant him.





      At first glance, you might peg Cooper Miles as the perpetual bachelor, reveling in the joys and freedom that lifestyle provides. But trust me, there's so much more to uncover!

      Cooper's wit and childlike charm will catch you off guard and leave you smiling. He might seem like the least serious of the brothers, but don't let that fool you. 

      The lengths he's willing to go to protect his family are touching and awe-inspiring.

      I love how Cooper has a nickname for everyone and speaks his own language. And when he meets Amelia, sparks fly, and it's like meeting his match made in heaven. 

      Despite their differences in the dating game, they're two peas in a pod, each reflecting the other's personality in the most enchanting way.

      Their romance is a whirlwind adventure of emotions, especially for Cooper, who's unaccustomed to the twists and turns of true love. 

      Being a part of their journey is like catching a refreshing breeze on a warm day, filled with surprises and joys that make you feel alive.

      So grab a cozy blanket, settle down with your favorite tea, and dive into this irresistible tale. 

      Whether you're a hopeless romantic or just looking for a story with depth, warmth, and pure fun, this one's a winner. 

      Cooper and Amelia's love story celebrates what it means to find your other half. 

      You'll close the book with a contented sigh, feeling like you've gained new friends. 

      Small-town Romance Novel Reckless Miles (Miles Family Book 3)

      4. Hidden Miles (Miles Family Book 4)


      • War hero
      • Friends to Lovers
      • Hidden Identity


        Leo Miles is a man who's returned home from war bearing physical and emotional scars. 

        These last five years, he's secluded himself on his family's property, shying away from the world due to his altered appearance. Life has been challenging, and joy has been scarce.

        Except for her voice.

        Through virtual gaming, Leo has found solace in the company of an anonymous friend. They share laughter, thoughts, and countless game sessions without knowing each other's true identities. 

        She becomes Leo's bright spot, a beacon of comfort in his otherwise confined existence.

        The familiar voice is none other than Hannah Tate, and she's more real, wonderful, and in danger than he ever imagined.

        Hannah, the fearless gamer girl, is determined to penetrate Leo's fortress of isolation. She's everything he's ever dreamt of but never dared to pursue. 

        His internal battle and family's safety concerns keep him from being her knight in shining armor.

        Yet, something special is stirring between Leo and Hannah. A connection that goes beyond mere friendship, one that challenges and changes them both.

        Hidden Miles is a tender tale of healing, courage, and unexpected love. 

        It's about a wounded man who thinks he's lost everything and a determined woman who looks beyond what the eyes can see and believes in second chances. 

        With a family that stands as a steadfast anchor, this story will warm your heart, make you believe in the power of connection, and remind you that sometimes, the heroes we need are the ones we least expect.





        This is by far my favorite (and that's saying something because they're all good!). I think it's because I love Leo and his quiet but do n't-eff-with-me-or-my-family demeanor. 

        I love how he overcame his PTSD to save the woman he loves.

        The Miles Family is like a warm hug on a cold day. 

        They understand his struggle, back him up no matter what, and love him unconditionally. Even when Leo sees himself as "damaged," they remind him of his worth.

        Then there's Hannah, the girl who sees right through Leo's scars to the remarkable person he truly is. She's a catalyst for change in Leo's life, helping him rediscover himself and who he can be. 

        It was also noteworthy how she finally found the courage to free herself from a toxic relationship.

        I love how Leo and Hannah find comfort and solace in each other. They're teammates who help each other grow and heal.

        This is a reminder that love is a transformative force. It's about resilience and putting the other person's needs over yours and finding satisfaction in doing it.

        The right kind of family is like a safety net, ready to catch you whenever you fall.

        So, if you're in the mood for a story that feels real, warm, bit magical in the most down-to-earth way, give this one a go. You might love it as much as I do. 

        Small-town Romance Novel Hidden Miles (Miles Family Book 4)

        Note: There is a fifth Miles novella called Gaining Miles. It's the story of their mom and their loyal family friend and employee who's more like a father to them than their own biological dad. I didn't read it for a reason, but you can check it out here.

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        Ready to Binge Read Miles Family Series?

        I love Miles' fun family dynamics. You'll want to drive to the small town of Echo Creek, dance through the vineyards, and live in one of the cute cottages in Salishan Cellars. Their love stories whisper wisdom while tickling the heartstrings. I'll treasure the Miles Family Series for years to come. It's a heartwarming and steamy read. What more can a girl ask for?

        I'll share more small-town romance novels to binge-read. And if you want to join me on my bookstagrammer journey, follow me on IG @booksandblogs_lux!

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