How To Read More Books: 21 Ways to Escape the Reading Slump

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How To Read More Books 21 Ways to Escape the Reading Slump

How To Read More Books 21 Ways to Escape the Reading Slump

Not a book person? Or maybe you find yourself staring at that bookshelf gathering dust, wondering when you could start reading the books you bought ages ago. Books hold a universe of wisdom, adventure, and emotions, ready to whisk you away to places only bound by imagination. But sometimes, getting started is the hardest part. It's an everyday struggle for many. But don't worry. I'll share with you some tricks I do to read more books. I went from reading zero books in 2020 to reading 116 books and counting this 2023.

The Joys That Books Could Bring

These gifts of reading make the quest to read more books an even more rewarding endeavor.

  • An escape to faraway lands: Whether it's a mystical kingdom or a thrilling adventure on another planet, books offer a way to explore new worlds without leaving your favorite reading nook.
  • Emotional connections: From a soul-shattering experience to heartfelt laughter, reading can elicit strong emotions, and every story you read becomes a part of you.
  • Expanding your mind: Books can challenge your thoughts, offer fresh perspectives, and inspire creative thinking.
  • Achieving goals: Whether your goal is to read more books in a day or to read more books effectively, reading is a personal achievement. There's a certain pride in ticking off another book on your reading list.
  • Relaxation and therapy: Nothing beats the calming effect of reading a good book. It's therapeutic and provides an excellent way to unwind after a long day.
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Now, on to practical ways to turn those bookish dreams into reality.

21 Ways to Read More Books

  1. Novel for Breakfast. Start your day by swapping the morning news with a book. A chapter or two with your coffee sets the tone!
  2. Set Achievable Goals. Create a reasonable goal to read more books. One book in a week or a few chapters a day will do as long as you enjoy the journey.
  3. Audiobook Adventures. Turn tedious chores into storytime. Listen while cooking, cleaning, or even showering.
  4. Tiny Book Challenges. Commit to just one page before bed. More often than not, you'll end up reading a whole chapter.
  5. Reading Al Fresco. Ever tried reading in nature? The outdoor ambiance can enhance the experience.
  6. E-books Everywhere. Remember, you can read Kindle books on more than one device. Keep a digital book on your phone for surprise waiting times.
  7. Genre Hopping. Stuck in a rut? Switch genres! Exploring unfamiliar territories often reignites the reading.
  8. Speed Reading? Not Always. While there are efficient ways to read more books every day, sometimes it's better to savor than speed-read.
  9. Join a Book Club. Discussions can be a great motivator. Plus, who can resist the subtle peer pressure?
  10. TBR Jar Fun. Write down the titles of books you want to read, place them in a jar, and pick one randomly. A fun surprise every time.
  11. Breaks with Books. Swap social media scrolling with a few book pages during short breaks.

  12. Double Book Dare. Who said you can't read more than one book at a time? Read a couple if you're feeling daring.
  13. Reward Reading. Set up a reward system for every book or chapter finished. A treat for every tale.
  14. Gadget-Free Zones. Create a tech-free zone in your home. Just you, your books, and tranquility.
  15. Rotation Revelation. Rotate between fiction and non-fiction. Different flavors for different moods. This will help you discover your preferred genre and trope.
  16. Reading Rituals. Make reading a ceremonial act. A specific tea, candle, or background music can make it feel special.
  17. Seasonal Selections. Align books with seasons. Cozy winter tales or breezy summer romances? Time to align your reading with the calendar.
  18. Adopt a Book Buddy. Find a fellow reader with whom you can share your reading journey. Sharing thoughts and opinions can enrich and excite the reading experience.
  19. Try Bite-Sized Reads. Short stories and novellas can be equally satisfying and easier to fit into a busy schedule.
  20. Read Reviews and Recommendations. Sometimes, reading about reading can inspire you. Browse reviews or ask for recommendations to find your next captivating book.
  21. Invest in Comfortable Reading Gear. A comfy chair, good lighting, and back support can enhance the reading experience. 
Here are three more tricks to read a book a week from Improvement Pill:

Possible Reasons for a Reading Slump (Or Are They Just Excuses?)

A reading slump can sneak up on anyone. It's like a mischievous gremlin tapping you on the shoulder and whispering, "Not today." 

But what's really behind these slumps? Let's take a gentle look at some common reasons. Or what I like to call "The Lies I Tell Myself":

  • Time Constraints: Life is busy, and sometimes reading takes a back seat. But remember, even a few minutes with a book can be a nourishing escape.
  • Wrong Book Choices: Not every book will resonate, and that's okay. It's all about finding the right fit, like a cozy pair of reading socks. I really believe anyone can be a reader. You just haven't met the right book for you yet.
  • Fatigue or Stress. It's hard to focus on reading when you're tired or stressed. Self-care is paramount; books will patiently wait for you. And sometimes, books can provide the comfort your mind needs.
  • Setting Unrealistic Goals: If the goal to read more books feels like climbing Everest without gear, maybe it's time to reassess and choose a more approachable path. For example, instead of reading one book a week, try reading one chapter or page a day.
  • Fear of Missing Out (FOMO): Social media and TV can be distracting. But hey, the adventures in books are the original FOMO, and they've been around a lot longer!

The good news is that these so-called "reasons" don't have to hold you back. That reading groove is just a page turn away. It's not about defeating the slump but dancing with it until you find your rhythm again.

You Can Read More Books Too!

I didn't read a single book in 2020. It was a challenging year for all of us. And then, I started easing my way back to reading with my self-imposed One Book in One Month Challenge.

Before the year ended, I found myself saying, "I want to read more books!"

So last year, I didn't give myself a limit. I voraciously devoured as many books as I could. 

Book count:

  • 2020 = 0
  • 2021= 12
  • 2022 = 45
  • 2023 = 116 and counting (and it's only August as of this writing)

And now the only thing I like more than reading books is finding more books to read. I know you can read more books, too!

Embarking on new ways to read more books isn't about setting records or impressing anyone. It's about finding joy in the little moments with a good book, exploring different worlds at your pace, and becoming friends with characters that stay with you long after the story ends. Here's to more cozy afternoons and exciting adventures in reading.

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