Top 7 Good Vibes Podcasts on Spotify Philippines

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Top 7 Good Vibes Podcasts on Spotify Philippines

Top 7 Good Vibes Podcasts on Spotify Philippines

Need a dose of good vibes and inspiration?  

I'm a daily Spotify podcast listener, and I have my favorites to jumpstart my day or keep me company while doing my chores.

I'm sharing my top 7 good vibes podcasts on Spotify Philippines, perfect for you if you're looking for a break from the daily grind

These shows cover a wide range of topics and are hosted by some of the most entertaining personalities in the country. So sit back, relax, and prepare to add positivity to your day with these top-rated podcasts.

Good Vibes Podcasts Criteria for Selection

What makes you engrossed when listening to a podcast? I love the light, funny ones, but I also want something that feeds my soul and makes me think.

So here are my personal criteria when choosing my top favorite good vibes-bringing podcasts:

  • Entertaining
  • Informative
  • Relevant
  • Engaging
  • Mind-provoking
  • Funny
  • Clear

I like shows that are fun to listen to and provide value to their listeners.

I looked for podcasts that cover various topics and interests and appeal to podcasters of varying age groups or tribes.

Lastly, I considered the production quality of each podcast. They have high-quality audio, clear and concise delivery, and engaging content. 

Podcast 1: Umagang Kay Gogna

Umagang Kay Gogna is hosted by husband and wife Arun and Lallaine Gogna. 

Bro Arun is a preacher at The Feast and a bestselling author. He and his wife, Lallaine, often give inspirational talks about marriage and navigating life with faith. 

Bro Arun is known as the Wacky Speaker, and I love that about him. His speaking style is truly engaging because he makes you laugh out loud and then hits you with a serious nugget of wisdom. 

And Lallaine always has the most beautiful, genuine, and heartwarming prayers

It is the perfect podcast to listen to if you want a dose of hope and a beautiful reminder of life with Christ to start your day. 

(Note: Mostly spoken in Taglish)

Podcast 2: The Bo Sanchez Podcast

Another podcast to listen to if you want good vibes is The Bo Sanchez Podcast. 

It is the podcast version of Bro Bo's short inspirational video, Full Tank, where he shares God's word with inspiring stories and practical advice. 

He shares lessons about faith, relationships, and even finances which are all relevant and helpful to everyday life. 

Bro Bo founded the Light of Jesus Family and The Feast. 

His podcast is an excellent source of inspiration and positive vibes. 

I love that he mostly speaks in English in his podcast - because my husband gets to also listen without me translating. 😁 He listens more regularly to his podcast than I do.  

Podcast 3: Wake Up with Jim and Saab

Wake Up with Jim and Saab is a Spotify Exclusive by husband and wife and cool pod parents Jim and Saab Bacaro. 

They started in 2018 and feature interviews with interesting personalities and discussions about culture, current events, life, and relationships. 

They answer questions and advise letter senders, engage with their pod kids live, and sometimes rant about toxic Filipino practices, discombobulating policies and politicians (only in the Philippines 🙄), making their listeners feel heard and making them one of the most relatable people on Spotify. 

I like that regardless of their rants - which are entirely understandable - they can turn the discussion around and make you laugh, think, and still leave the pod with some happy vibes.

(Mostly Taglish)

Podcast 4: Only Fun with Chico and Gino

If you love movies and TV shows, particularly KDramas, listen to Spotify Exclusive Only Fun with Chico and Gino. 

They watch an episode or two (or more, depending on how hot the characters are - or how exciting the show is) and share what they think every Wednesday. 

I've been a fan of the legendary Chico Garcia on their morning radio show, The Morning Rush, since high school. 

They were former partners in the show, and listeners have loved their funny banters and informative conversations. 

Listen to them as they fanboy on their favorite Marvel and DC characters, and give a blow-by-blow discussion on the hottest shows, such as House of the Dragons and The Last of Us. 

Listening to Only Fun is like chatting with your two jokester friends, laughing carelessly together, making you forget about the stresses of life. 

As their tagline goes, this podcast is no drama, only fun. 

(Mostly Taglish)

Podcast 5: TMR Top 10

The Morning Rush Top 10 is a radio show on Monster RX 93.1. The show is hosted by Chico, Hazel, and Markki. 

I've loved it since the Chico and Delamar tandem (I was heartbroken when Del left for good). 

They ask their listeners for a topic and pick the top ten entries. 

For example, the Top 10 Lost Etiquette, Top 10 Signs You're a Tita (my favorite LOL episode so far), and Top 10 My Rebranding Story. 

They also discuss the recent news in entertainment and share their current favorites. 

They keep the discussion positive throughout the show and help keep the energy up which is badly needed by people who have to start their day early. 

(Mostly Taglish)

Podcast 6: Paano Ba 'To: The Podcast

We've all gone through a phase in life where we ask ourselves, 'How do I do this?'. 

The show Paano Ba 'To answers these questions through podcast host Bianca Gonzales and her impressive lineup of guests. 

The podcast shares wisdom and advice on navigating career challenges, life changes, relationships, and building confidence.

It is perfect for anyone who wants to feel good about themselves, find their path, and learn lessons from those who went through what they're going through. 

(Mostly Taglish)

Podcast 7: #AskBo: Hard Questions Podcast

Ask Bo is also hosted by Bro Bo Sanchez, where he answers difficult questions and makes a deep dive into life. 

The podcast answers hard questions we mostly avoid or are sometimes ashamed to admit, such as failure, suicide, fears, sins, abuse, and faith. 

Ask Bo is perfect for anyone feeling lost and wanting to learn more about different perspectives and experiences. 

It's the podcast for those searching for hope, healing, and happiness in the face of distress. 

(Mostly English)

Top 7 Good Vibes Podcasts on Spotify Philippines

Whether you're searching for career and relationship advice or just need a good laugh and a reminder of how amazing you are, these podcasts will brighten your day. So, if you're looking for a way to pass the time during your daily commute or unwind after a long day, check out these top 7 podcasts on Spotify Philippines for a much-needed dose of good vibes. You might just find your new favorite show!

What podcast are you currently listening to?

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