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The Word I Choose For 2023: No

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The Word I Choose For 2023 Is No

What word are you choosing for 2023? I started my Word for the Year instead of New Year's Resolution years ago, and this year is no different. My word for 2023 is only a two-letter, monosyllabic one, but it's powerful. So powerful that even though it denotes negativity, you are encouraged to say it more often so you can live happy and healthy. The word I choose for 2023 is No.

My Word for 2023: No

What is Saying No? 

Saying no is more than just refusing, declining an invitation, or disagreeing.

Saying no is an art. It takes gumption to say no, especially to people you don't want to disappoint.

Saying no shows how much you believe in what you stand for, regardless of how persuading or discouraging eternal forces are. (Remember the War on Drugs slogan, 'Just Say No'?).

Saying no is an expression of self-love and self-respect. It's about being unapologetically you.

Saying no means protecting yourself from people and things that can harm or distract you from your goals.

Saying no is okay. It is healthy.

And saying no is important if you want to improve your life.

This 2023, I choose to say No more often.

Because I want more sh** done. 

(That's my phrase for 2023, by the way. "Get it done.")

How often do you say no? To other people and, most of all, to yourself?  

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Why No is my word for 2023

I choose to say No more this year, so I can say yes to better things.

No to rehashing traumatic experiences in my head. Yes to acceptance, contentment, and peace.

No to overthinking and what-ifs. Yes to embracing the present and all its beauty and ugly.

No to believing and giving the time of day to the lies of the enemy. Yes to loving who I am and thanking God for making me this way.

No to growing and nourishing the seed of doubt that past experiences and toxic people planted in me. Yes to seeing and treating myself with kindness and compassion.

And No to little everyday things that impact my life significantly.


Everyday things I'm saying No to

  1. No to buying and eating cakes for no reason.

    I'm reserving that for special occasions now. 

  2. No to One more chapter and One more episode.

    Oh, the lies we tell ourselves! I'm tired of waking up to dull-looking skin and breakouts because of lack of sleep.

    Of my growing eye bags and sluggishness the following day.

    Of rereading and redoing my work multiple times because my brain's not functioning well.

  3. No to procrastination.

    This 2023, I'm saying no to putting off to tomorrow what I can finish or at least start on today.

    The main culprit for my procrastination is mindless browsing on my phone.

    I put off doing my chores, stretching and strengthening my back, and working on a project. And would you believe it, I even procrastinate on ordering online.

    So my floor gets dirtier than I would admit. My laundry piles up. I feel weaker, and my lower back hurts.

    So I'm saying enough of that this 2023.

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  4. No to baseless worries

    Even the Bible reminds us not to worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own (Matthew 6:34).

    But more often than necessary, I worry. Anxiety has been a part of my day, and when things are going right, my brain automatically finds something to worry about.

    Or worries that there's nothing to worry about. 🤷

    It could be a result of growing up in the environment I was in. Or talking to people who are more anxious than I am.

    But I'm saying No to that more often and with more conviction this year.

    And remind me to focus on what is true, noble, righteous, pure, lovable, or admirable, or on something praiseworthy (Philippians 4:8).

  5. No to another year of hiatus on my blog.

    My blog is my baby. It's one of the few things I can call my own. And I have neglected this baby for a while now.

    I've not been deliberate in writing more often. In encouraging my readers, which I claimed to be the purpose and reason for this blog.

    In reaching out and updating my subscribers and sending Soul Food that I promised. So I'll be more active on my blog again.

    I'll write more often (not as often as when I started - daily or weekly. Gosh, where is that girl with so much time in her hand now?).

    I'd be a more responsible and doting mother to this love child of a blog. 

Effects of Not Saying No 

I know the results of not saying No all too well.

My mental and physical health suffers. My relationships suffer. My work quality suffers.

I burn out when I don't say No to clients' demands.

I get lethargic when I don't say no to another episode of Outlander or Miss Scarlet and the Duke. 

I go through the day like a zombie desperate for brains when I can't say no to Miss Julia Quinn, Julie Garwood, or Colleen Hoover's stories.


In Summary: No for 2023

This year, more than saying no to working myself like a slave one moment and procrastinating the next, I'm saying no to my bad habits.

To the lies in my head. To activities that don't help me grow, make more money, and fill my heart with joy.

My word for 2023 is No because I want to say yes to more substantial, better possibilities.

I'm choosing the word No because I want to say Yes to my health, my peace, and seeing things accomplished.

Have you chosen a word for the year?

What things are you saying No to this 2023?

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