2022 Reading Challenge With Bookstagram Questions

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I read 45 books in 2022. So instead of doing a short review for each book like I did in 2021, I'll answer some questions about the books I completed in my 2022 Reading Challenge with bookstagram questions. 

First book of the year:

Lost Wife's Tale by Marion McGilvary

Last read of the year:

Reminders of Him Colleen Hoover

Favorite book characters:

Favorite author/s?

  • Julia Quinn
  • Robert Fulghum
  • Robert B. Parker

Genres you read this year:

  • Romance
    • Young Adult
    • Regency Drama 
  • Fantasy Fiction
  • Crime Mystery Detective Thriller
  • Memoir
  • Self-help 
  • Christian Literature

Favorite genre so far:

  • Regency Drama Romance
  • Crime Mystery Detective Thriller

Favorite romance trope:

  • Different Worlds / Backgrounds

Books that you finish in one day:

Unputdownable books:

Books that made you cry:

Books that made you laugh:

Books that upset you:

Book you think has a frustrating plot or ending:

Books with covers you love:


Book series you read:

Books with steamy scenes:

Books that made you want to fall in love again for the first time:

The most remarkable book:

Easiest read:

Novel that took you a long time to finish:

The longest time it took you to finish a book:

2 weeks

An author whose work you want to read more of:

  • Robert B Parker
  • Colleen Hoover
  • Julia Quinn
  • Kate White

Cheapest book you bought:

  • Robert B Parker ($0.63 second-hand bookstore)

Books that disappointed you:

Books that you will recommend:

Books that you are less likely to recommend:

Books that made you want to reach out to the author:

Lost Wife's Tale

Books that you wish to have an epilogue or sequel:

Lost Wife's Tale

Book character you want to swap lives with for a day:

Book character you hated:

Lorna on Foursome by Jane Fallon

Book character you wish you were friends with:

Book boyfriend/husband:

Book setting you wish you could see in real life:

What book color do you have the most of?

Shades of Blue

Books you wish will be made into a movie or series:

How do you rate your books?

I base the rating on entertainment or emotions, storytelling, readability, and plot. 

Emotions. I laughed, cried, got confused, got upset and frustrated, got scared, got angry, and got giddy. I felt all the emotions the author wanted me to feel. Or if it made me feel better after closing the book.

Storytelling. I like stories that are easy to read. Or storytelling style makes me feel like I'm talking to someone sharing a fascinating story that I can't wait to hear the rest of it.

Readability. Is reading it like pulling teeth, or do I find myself breezing through the pages?

Plot. What happened to the story? Is there character development? Did it surprise me or keep me guessing? Did the whole point of the story make sense? Did I learn something from it or at least left thankful I picked up the book? 

All the Books on My 2022 Reading Challenge





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  1. Hi, Lux!

    It was wonderful to see you over at Shady's Place today, dear friend. Once again, happy 2023 to you!

    I admire you for reading 45 books last year and for exploring several different genres. I've been reading with fascination about the genre of Regency Romance and its subgenres Traditional Regency romance and Regency historical romance. It must be exciting for you to dwell in the early 19th century for the duration of the stories you read in that category. Of the genres you explored in 2022, the one that would most interest me is Crime Mystery Detective Thriller.

    I love the handsome book covers you showed us, and it is interesting that most are shades of blue. How rewarding that the books you read evoked a wide range of emotions.

    Once again, thank you for reaching out to an old friend today, dear Lux. I wish you a safe, happy and prosperous 2023!

  2. You had a very successful year of reading! :)
    The challenge sounds very interesting.
    Happy 2023! <3

  3. From Menopausal Mother: So many great books, so little time, haha!

  4. Oh ~ you are a reader ~ have read many of the books you list ~ Robert Parker being a favorite but Mike Connelly is really the best Police Procedural writer and a great write as well ~ Thanks for your info ~

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  5. That's awesome. That's a lot of books. I haven't read these but I mostly read PNR these days.

  6. I can't believe the longest it has taken you to read a book is 2 weeks! I always take ages when I read!

    Corinne x

  7. Reminders of Him was such a wonderful book!

  8. Appointment with Death was a 1988 movie starring Peter Ustinov as Hercules Poirot. And there was a very fine British TV series starring David Suchet.

  9. You're such an avid reader! This reminds me I need to pick up Reminders of Him, I've heard such good things!

    I've got a new post up, I hope you'll come by and check it out!


  10. Oh I love a good book round-up. But even more, re-connecting with you this week. Sheer gift, old friend.