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My 2022 Wrapped

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How has your year been? I saw a meme saying this year is a perfect blend of losing my mind and having the time of my life. And I couldn't relate more. Here's my 2022 wrapped. Not that you care, but I do. 😁

My 2022 Wrapped

I turned 40.

Though I still feel like I'm still 21. I think I'll forever be in my heart. 

The only indications that I've aged are that I'm starting to see lines near my eyes, I gain weight faster and find that I can't lose them as quickly as I used to, and I just don't give a damn anymore.

I'm more comfortable with my choices, not having to think if this is what society would approve of or what people would say.

I spent my birthday and Christmas by myself. Peacefully, contentedly, joyfully.

man and woman eating cake

I read the most books in my life in one year.

Last year, I gave myself the Read One Book or Series in One Month Challenge

However, I found that after reading one book, I'm itching for the next month to start so I can begin reading again. So this year, I didn't give myself a limit.

Result: I finished reading 45 books this 2022.

We Heart It

Newfound obsession

We always keep discovering new things. I've found that this year, I can be into something I used to ignore. For example:

Human Nature Marine Caviar

I failed in my cooking challenge.

Just like my reading challenge, I gave myself a cooking challenge. It's to make one dish I haven't made before every month. I think I only got to March. I still cook, but they're the same dishes like pasta arrabbiata (already bottled and ready to add), pasta basil, and basically heating up meals I order.

Gordon Ramsey Hell's Kitchen gif

I wrote more than 3 million words this 2022.

I stressed myself out by getting more projects than usual. I ended up not taking a day off for three months, not going out (which is not an issue for introverts like me), and watching days go by like a blur. I'm glad that's over now.

Not surprising that Grammarly counted more than 3 million words I checked on their tool.

I look forward to a more productive but less anxiety-driven year this 2023.


I went on a solo trip.

Thanks to my husband's insistence, I booked a weekend getaway on the mountain, read a book (period drama, of course), ate organic food, and reveled in that soothing Pinoy hilot massage. It was so relaxing and pleasing that I had to extend it another night.


My 2022 in Summary

My 2022 can be wrapped up in four things:

  • Working
  • Reading
  • Napping
  • Eating

But for everything that happened, I can describe my feelings in one word: Thankful.

  • Thankful for better health.
  • Thankful for more clients and projects.
  • Thankful for my husband.
  • Thankful for an imperfect yet blessed life.

I'm thankful to not have any huge challenges this year - except for losing some of our dogs which was heartbreaking. 

This 2022...

There were significant events in our family. 

I pushed myself too far with work.

Rebounded in my health.

And I know I still need to get better at blogging. 

2023 will also have its own set of challenges, triumphs, and breakthroughs. And I'm ready.

How's your 2022?

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  1. Congrats on turning 40. I turned 53 last week. That's a good amount of books for the year.

  2. Hi Lux! Long time! Haha i’m glad you’re still active. 🫢🏼 Karrie of