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Nursing For Life And Health

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nurses are angels for life and health

Life and health go hand in hand. To help keep you healthy, there are many healthcare classifications out there. One of the most talked-about needed and vital healthcare careers is nursing. There are skills you need to master to take care of individuals and communities to help them maintain an optimal quality of life. 

Nursing for Life and Health 

Why Basic Life Skills?

First and foremost, a nurse needs BLS accreditation before they can even begin training. 

BLS is a basic life support course that gives nurses fundamental life support skills and knowledge. BLS includes the concepts of CPR and other life-saving techniques.

One ER nurse in New York tells the story of having to use CPR and basic life skills on patients who come to the front door of the emergency room. 

She says, "Often, these patients are unable to breathe and need emergency CPR. We do have face coverings and oxygen masks to help with this emergency, but there are times when your BLS certification must kick in to save a life." 

nurse needs BLS accreditation

Businesses’ Responsibilities

During C OVID-19, when so many business are closed or surviving on the bare minimum, we read about nurses who are heroes. 

Those nurses who work countless hours taking care of patients who are infected with the dreaded virus need the support of what you can offer as a small business owner.

Change your mindset and be giving and caring. Think out of the box of what you can do to make nursing easier on those who work in this field. 

You need to change your mindset to the pandemic mode and learn to give.

A bakery in New York City took it upon themselves to donate to nurses. 

As nurses came off their shifts, the few remaining employees of Liberty Bakery and Deli passed out sandwiches to the medical staff. 

Over 300 sandwiches were passed on one night. Appreciative healthcare workers said, "How awesome," "Makes it almost worth the fight," and "Thank you for your kindness." 

nurses are angels

Skills Nurses Develop

Nurses everywhere share similarities in the responsibilities they have. 

They provide and monitor patient care, educate patients about health conditions, give treatments, and offer mediation.

They are there to provide emotional support to families and patients. 

C OVID-19 has brought out the best in the nursing profession as nurses struggle to maintain 12-16 hour shifts taking care of tragically ill people.

Their training has taken on a new meaning with this pandemic, and their responsibilities have become essential. 

Registered nurses are the most predominant nurses in the profession and serve a full function of patient care. 

They work with physicians, talk to the patient and their families, and engage in sophisticated care. 

RNS can be highly specialized in critical care, geriatrics, oncology, neurology, cardiology, and other key health programs. 

Most RNS need a bachelor’s degree and be licensed in their field. They do need to complete an accredited nursing program and pass the NCLEX-RN. 

nurses' should develop these skills

Testament of Nursing

You can find stories showing how vital nurses are in the New York Times, and some stories are testaments to how real the virus is.

Nurses who traveled from across the U.S. to work in New York City hospitals know what C OVID-19 does to patients. 

Nurses rush patients to intensive care units, monitor oxygen levels, and console patients as they breathe their last breath.

Nurses have been bombarded by friends and relatives in a different part of the country who do not believe the pandemic is real. 

A nurse in North Carolina who worked at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens said she struggles to hold back tears as family members tell her that the virus is not real. 

A nurse from Oklahoma City said that relatives back home wanted to know if the pandemic in New York was real. 

This nurse used her carefully honed skills at talking to family members of dying patients to let her hometown know that when 18-wheeled refrigerated trucks are parked outside the hospital to store bodies, the pandemic is real. 

Tired nurse in Moscow

Nursing is a respected profession. 

It requires special knowledge, preparation, skill, and caring attitudes. 

It is an occupation that requires advanced knowledge and grows out of society’s needs for specialized care. 

Even in the world of caring for the sick and dying during the C OVID-19 pandemic, nursing is an art and a science. It is dominated by those who have the right idea of service. 

Nursing is filled with people who skillfully care for the well and the ill, and through their relationships with the patient, keep the medical field glued together. 

Maybe nursing is the career for you.

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