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5 Real Benefits Of Filtered Tap Water

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woman drinking filtered water in a glass

If you’ve never considered filtered water before, it’s time you do. While you may assume that your tap water is safe to drink, there is no guarantee that it is.

Water can be contaminated--accidentally or on purpose. 

These contaminants can leach from the ground into the water pipes and contaminate your water without you knowing. This can lead to serious illness---and possibly even death.

That’s why it’s time you consider the purest reverse osmosis water and experience the 5 real benefits of filtered tap water. 

5 Real Benefits of Filtered Tap Water 

1. No More Chemicals

Chemicals are added to water at the treatment plant. The main two are chlorine and fluoride. 

Both can be beneficial. Chlorine kills unwanted bacteria and organisms, while fluoride strengthens teeth and bones.

Unfortunately, research suggests that fluoride can also increase the risk of cancer and chlorine can be an irritant. Especially if you have existing allergies.

We've not even mentioned the other chemicals that have leached into the water through damaged pipes. 

kid drinking water in a glass

2. Eliminate Bacteria

Water filters are designed to collect bacteria in the water. They can capture the bacteria and prevent it from coming out of the tap. 

No chemicals are used and you get the assurance that the water you are drinking is safe. 

That’s a lot of peace of mind! 

clean water with drop

3. Skip Boiling Water

You’ve probably heard the advisory message asking people to boil their water because there may be an issue with the water quality. 

This means every bit of water you want to use needs to be boiled before you can use it.

Boiling water is time consuming and can ruin the taste of water.

Of course, this is safer than simply drinking the water. 

But, if you have a home water filtration system you can filter the tap water and be confident in using it. Even when boiling advisories are in place. 

kettle on a stove

4. Improved smell and taste

Once you install a water filter, you’ll appreciate the difference in taste. Tap water has a distinct aroma and flavor, courtesy of chlorine and other chemicals added to the water supply.

The water filter removes these chemicals, giving you a special supply of water that isn’t contaminated and is safe to drink. 

That’s not just more convenient or more pleasant to drink. It’s also better for your health. 

woman drinking water in glass

5. Money Saving!

Finally, a valuable benefit in filtering your tap water is saving money

At the start, you’ll need to invest in the equipment and get the system established. But, once you’ve done that, it needs minor maintenance.

More importantly, you’ll no longer have to test your water supply, wondering if it’s clean. 

You also won’t need to stock up on plastic bottles and store water in your home. 

If you take a look at the cost of bottled water you’ll quickly realize that the potential saving is significant, making the filter system more convenient and economically viable over a medium term. 

tap with water running

Think about these 5 benefits of filtered tap water the next time you pour yourself a glass.

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