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Choosing Educational Toys For Your Kids

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We all love to see our children playing. The smiles on their faces put smiles on ours. Their joy is infectious. 

Not to mention the fact that play is one of the ways our children learn new skills. It is great that doing something they love also helps them later in life.

Many parents see this and makes sure that their kids have access to plenty of toys---specifically designed to help them to learn. 

For example, alphabet bricks that help them to learn their ABCs. Research shows that these types of toys speed up the learning process. So, it is worth adding a few to your child’s toy chest. 

You can use this short guide to help you buy the right ones. 

Choosing Educational Toys for Your Kids 

Buy toys that are designed for your child’s age group

A good starting point is this website. This toy retailer has categorized the toys they sell by age group. Something which is incredibly helpful. 

It enables you to immediately narrow down the options. You just need to browse the appropriate category and pick out the educational toys. 

Shop on toy sites that categorize toys by skill set 

Even better, that site has also started to organize the toys that they sell into learning categories. 

At the time of this writing, they have separate lists for science-related, engineering, creative, and adventurer toys. 

Providing you with another quick way to find items that your children can play with to boost specific skill sets. 

Ask their teachers for recommendations

The next time you go to a teacher-parent evening, ask whether there are any toys you can buy to bolster your child’s understanding of each subject they are taking. 

This will enable you to know, for example, whether it is worth buying your child a play chemistry set or not. 

Often, you will be surprised by which toys have true educational merit, and which ones are not worth the money. 

Listen to other parents

Other parents are always a great source of information. But, there is no need to stick with those in your immediate circle. 

Tapping into parenting forums from across the world is an effective way to pick up all kinds of tips and tricks. Including how to support your child’s learning through play. 

Start with this list, or do a simple search while signed into different country versions of Google. 

Read the research

If you have the time, it is also worth reading this. It summarizes some of the recent research that has been carried out into learning through play.

However you choose your child’s educational toys, have fun doing it. Look for things you can play with together

Kids love nothing better than having fun with their parents. 

So, be sure to choose a few educational toys you will enjoy as well. Art and craft packages, as well as STEM toys are a great example of something you can do together and both learn while doing so.

Read the research

Do you have a hard time choosing educational toys for your kids? Follow these tips and enjoy your playtime with them as they learn.

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