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Life In The Time Of Coronavirus Lockdown Diary Day 38: Friday


Friday remains to be my favorite F-word. Because it's the last day of hustling. Yes, I can still keep hustling during the weekend. That's the advantage of working from home. But I choose not to. Unless I have a deadline and I need to extend. 

Friday gives me a sigh of relief.


I bet the world will be relieved once this p andemic is over. 

When we can finally step out of the house without the fear of C OVID-19...that will be the day.

I see a lot of news about conspiracy theory. 

Doctors and scientists showing proof that this is just a plan with money and control as motivation of those who created this virus. 

We'll be heaving a sigh of relief if this will be not only proven but also stopped.

No weapon formed against you shall prosper. 
-Isaiah 54:17

When we can finally hug each other again without the fear of death, oh what a day that will be.


But until then, we must keep praying

I'm a believer of prayers because I've experienced its power first hand.

We must not let this crisis hinder us from moving forward.

I believe God is a God of abundance. Even in the midst of the desert, He provides manna and fresh water for His people.

He will never let our cups run dry.

He will never forsake us.

I know I sound like a recording because I keep repeating this. But that's how I calm myself. 

Anxiety and fear goes away when I remember how powerful and great my God is.


It reminds me to pause and enjoy what I worked hard for during this week.

Someday, I'll be hustling for one day only and do what I like the rest of the week. It's possible and it's not wishful thinking because I know people who do this.

I won't be lazing around for sure. I might still be glued on my laptop but I won't be stressing myself out with work.

I'd probably be attending more online classes to improve my skills. I know, I'm boring.

Or blogging a lot. I have pending posts especially those about my travels.


Or be at a beach somewhere with my husband who misses our trips as much as I do.
Or taking care of animals in a shelter.

Despite all the problems and noise going around, I'm happy that I'm still able to look forward to something good.

I'm always hopeful. I like that about myself. 😊

Your turn

  • What is your favorite day of the week and why?
  • What are you looking forward to after this p andemic?

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