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thankful for tea

Finding blessings when you're carrying a heavy burden is like searching for a grain of white rice in the white sand. It's HARD. 

Looking for things to be thankful for during this crisis could be difficult too. When you got furloughed and you don't have enough saved away, you don't have time to sit still and find blessings. You can only panic and worry about where you'll get your next meal.


Every day, we are surrounded by blessings. 

From the moment we wake up---hey, that is a blessing in itself. Not everyone got that chance. 

As of this writing, there are 3.5 million C OVID-19 cases around the world and 248,245 deaths.

Looking for blessings may be hard because we're in this dark time. So we need a flashlight for that. We need our eyes of faith.

Yesterday I watched The Feast online.

One of the assignments is to list down 100 blessings to thank for. From the smallest blessing to the major ones. The more specific the better.

Kind of hard so I'll give it a try. But I'll start with 50 first.

  1. God's generous provision.
  2. God's steadfast love.
  3. God's mercy that's new every morning.
  4. Jesus laying down His life so we can live an abundant life.
  5. God's beautiful promises.
  6. God's faithfulness.
  7. Being protected from harm.
  8. A strong immune system.
  9. Being able to wake up today.
  10. Being able to breathe normally.
  11. My husband who tirelessly serves me and loves me unconditionally
  12. It finally rained! 
  13. I get to sleep a lot longer than expected because of the cooler weather.
  14. My breakouts are healing.
  15. The internet.
  16. My laptop.
  17. My phone.
  18. Movies we're able to stream online.
  19. New videos from vlogs I follow.

  20. My nephew's cute, round, chubby face that always makes me smile.
  21. My nephew's recovery.
  22. Getting inspired to clean my husband's closet.
  23. That good, satisfying feeling looking at my husband's now organized closet. You have no idea!
  24. Inspirational podcasts I got to listen to while organizing.
  25. The Feast.
  26. Food on the table.
  27. Roof over my head.
  28. Clothes on my back.
  29. Therapeutic writing.
  30. Dogs.
  31. Pollution is clearing out. 
  32. Nature is finally able to breathe.
  33. My tribe's support.
  34. Knowing that my family and friends are well and safe.
  35. Frontliners especially the health workers risking their lives to help stop the virus.
  36. Some people in the government doing their jobs with integrity and selflessness.
  37. People finally realizing they voted for the wrong people. Stay woke! 😎
  38. A lot of animals have been spared as festivals have been cancelled.
  39. The sales increase in the vegan industry.
  40. People realizing the damage we've done to the planet and changing their ways.
  41. This time to relax and not think about stressful stuff.
  42. Being able to laugh.
  43. A beautiful and prosperous future.
  44. Chocolate bars.
  45. Tea.
  46. Food delivery services.
  47. A good shoulder rub from my husband.
  48. A relaxing shower.
  49. Clean sheets.
  50. Relaxing music.
Speaking of which, I discovered something that helps calm me down. I love Ghibli films and it's great to hear piano and slow versions of their music.

Your turn

List the things you're thankful for and see how many you can come up with.

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