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7:29 AM

notebook with start today written in pink ink

It's a brand new month! Another beginning. Are we ready?


The beginning is usually the hardest.

When you're starting to learn how to write when you were in kindergarten.
When it was your first day in your new job and you have no idea how things work.
When you begin your life after a hard and messy break up.

It was tough, yeah?

But beginnings can also be exciting and promising.

That is why people get hyped up on New Year.

Beginnings can be beautiful.

I love the early mornings when it's cool, peaceful and quiet. I miss waking up early. Since the outbreak happened, I've been sleeping late.

I love starting a new book. It's like stepping into another world and seeing things with fresh eyes.

I love visiting places for the first time. It's giving me a new perspective. It makes me realize that there is more to explore. 

When you see how big the world is, your problems seem insignificant.

Don't you love the getting to know each other stage when you meet someone?

When you begin to realize you're in the right track, when you finally see what you're worth, when you're starting to experience your breakthrough---oh, it is priceless!

New relationships. New chance in life. New chapter. They make life more thrilling, don't they?

New beginnings are full of hope and possibilities.

It's like a blank page that is waiting to be filled with magical words.
Like a blank canvass about to be turned into a work of art.

I hope this brand new month is better than the previous ones.
I hope this is the start of the new normal that is best for all of us.

I hope that finally, this is the beginning of the end of the crisis.

Am I asking for too much?

Your turn

What have you began to do during this p andemic?

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