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Are you eager for this month to end and find out what next month has in store for us? Yeah, me too. More than that, I am eager to finally hear the words:

"The world is now C OVID-19 free!"


I am eager to learn all that you want me to do; 
help me to understand more and more. 
-Psalm 119:32

With my human wisdom alone, I know I will not be able to understand the purpose behind of all the hardships we face. Especially this p andemic.

This virus has revealed to us many things.

This p andemic has unmasked a lot of people. Especially those in the government.

We are learning a lot about the those we live with and even about ourselves.

I've realized that with this l ockdown, I am more eager:

  • to hear God's voice
  • to see the glorious ending to all this
  • to visit my family and dogs soon
  • to care for nature more
  • to travel again 
  • to see a brand new tomorrow
I am eager to learn what God is teaching me.

I'm eager to know what's in the next chapter because this one sucks!

So far, this quarantine has taught me:

  • that I still need to strengthen my faith (I can still get shaken)
  • to do what I can and entrust to God what I can't
  • to appreciate everything I have
  • to be wiser and learn from the ants 
  • that whatever we give nature, nature will give back to us a hundredfold
  • that people will always find a way to defend what they believe in even when it's wrong
I'm learning that there are still a lot more for me to learn.

I can relate to what the genius Albert Einstein said:

"The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know."

We humans could get arrogant sometimes.

We think we are superior because we are the "smarter species".
We build bridges, we invent devices, we made progress people in the past could only dream of.
We make weapons and think we are invincible.

Yet a microscopic organism toppled our economy and drove us all into hiding.

Even the strongest, smartest, proudest among us was taken by surprise by this invisible enemy and for a time, felt defenseless.

I hope we learn that animals and nature in general is here with us and not for us.

We are carers. We are stewards.

It's time to treat other creatures with respect and kindness.
It's time to appreciate nature and not take it for granted.

It's time to go back to basic. 
It's time to humble ourselves. 
It's time to learn. 

It's time to heal.

Let's not wait for another p andemic to hit us before we finally learn what we need to do.

Your turn

  • What are you eager to happen after this crisis?
  • What have you learned so far during this l ockdown?

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