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What do you do with trash? The answer is simple. You throw it away.

But when it comes to toxic friends or abusive partner, the answer could be complicated. It may take us a while to figure out if we should keep holding on or let go. Because well, relationships are like that.

What do you do when something's messing up your life? You don't allow it. You stop it from getting worse.

Thankfully, I don't have an abusive partner. I just said that to paint a picture. But right now, a lot of friends---well, social media "friends" that is, are getting a little too toxic.

Online, everybody seems to be an expert on every field you can think of. 

Have you ever hang out with a know-it-all? How did it make you feel?

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That is why on my 5th day of this lo ck do wn, I disconnected from social media.


I like to keep myself updated about the current global crisis. 

Unfortunately, going online is messing up with my mental health lately.

My anxiety level is high. I'm having breakouts. My sleeping pattern has been affected. The devil's having a field trip in my head.

anime anxiety attack

So I decided to remove my Facebook app on my phone. 

If you want to remove your newsfeed on your desktop, install the News Feed Eradicator extension.

I also didn't check Twitter and Instagram.

Disconnect from the internet and reconnect with yourself.

Be honest. How important is your virtual image or social presence for you?

Studies show that social media is negatively affecting your mental health.

But don't just get rid of your habit of browsing social media. You will only experience withdrawal from it and the chances of you getting right back to the habit is high.

Replace a toxic habit with a nourishing one.

That way, you don't feel empty and desperate.

Instead of browsing the internet, here's what you can do:

Write down your feelings.

Don't worry about your grammar or spelling. Just pour out your emotions into writing. When you finish, you'll feel lighter than when you started. I'm speaking from experience.

Keep yourself busy with chores.

Yes, that may sound boring or lame but doing chores could be therapeutic. It gets your mind off your problem. And seeing how clean and organized your surrounding adds to the calmness.

Spend more time with your pets.

If you're a dog owner, lucky you. You won't feel alone. 

They're the best therapists in the world. There's nothing a dog's cuddle can't cure.

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Spend more time with your family.

Even when you're locked together in one place, it's easy to take other people for granted when you're consumed by your time with your gadget. 

Disconnect with the people online so you can connect with the people around you.

Watch a fun show/movie or listen to good music.

Note: fun and good. Because you don't want to replace the toxicity of social media with unhealthy entertainment in another form.


You don't have to do strenuous exercises. A simple stretching for a few minutes will do. 

YouTube has a gazillion of video tutorials of different forms of exercise. Check it out and choose something that suits you.

Spend time with the Lord. 

Read a verse. Listen to an inspirational podcast. Watch preaching or attend a mass service online.

Churches are now conducting their services through YouTube or Facebook Live or recorded video.

After just one day of disconnecting, I feel much better. No kidding.


When you drown the noise, you feel calmer, right? That's how I felt.

I may not be 100% okay yet but at least I'm not depressed and worried anymore about something I have no control over.

When you remove the weight you carry on your shoulder, you have more energy and strength to do what matters most. 

You give yourself more time to be productive.

More importantly, you'll hear God's voice clearly. You'll feel His presence more powerfully.

His perfect love casts out all fears. (1 John 4:18)

Your turn

  • What do you do when screen time gets you anxious?
  • What good habits did you replace your bad habits with?

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