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People and Conversation

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People and Conversation

You know what I have realized during this day 4 of l ockdown? The importance of choosing the people you let into your life.

When I was single, I would always get the advice about choosing a good conversationalist. Because lust doesn't last.

When you're old and gray, sex will be out of the picture. What's left for you and your partner? Conversation.

Because a day will come and that beautiful body will shift. 
A day will come, there will be one thing left — conversations. 

With friends, choose someone who can lift you higher with their words. Especially during this crisis, you need encouragers.

CO VID-19 is affecting not only our physical health but our mental well-being too.

Imagine dealing with the toxic situation externally and having to deal with the monsters in your head but not having someone to talk to about it.

Or having someone you can talk with but adds to the burden you carry.

I am thankful for technology. Because I get to talk to people online.

It's good to have people to share joy, grief, fear and concerns with.

Shared joy is double joy; Shared sorrow is half a sorrow. 
-Swedish proverb

When it comes to conversation, both parties should benefit.

How do you feel after talking to your partner? And how do you make your partner feel after conversing?

Even when you don't get to a solution sometimes when talking about an issue, it's good to unburden yourself by sharing and letting out what's bothering you.

Who are in your circle? Do you have people cheering you up or weighing you down? 

Now more than ever, you need people who will help you carry on.

friends cheering

You don't need additional negativity in your life right now. There are already a lot of problems going around. Global crisis is no joke.

There are people adding to the drama by being apologists of crook politicians and spreading fake news.

You don't need another toxic person surrounding you at this time. Believe me, you'll have more than enough of toxicity on social media and the news.

It would also be good to talk about a different topic that is totally unrelated to the v irus and politics.

That is not turning a blind eye to what's happening right now. It's just taking a break.

Giving yourself the chance to breathe from the current issue is good for you.

Try this fast talk I did. It's fun and a good way of getting to know someone more.

Your turn

  • Who are in your support system?
  • What's the best thing you said or was said to you during a conversation?

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  1. Beautiful post. Thanks. I hope you and yours are safe.

    Greetings from London.