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Friends and Chosen

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Following what I did previously which was Disconnect, I spent today away from the social media. This day is about TV shows Friends and Chosen

Friends and Chosen

After watching the Palm Sunday service, I binge-watched Friends. I am late in the party, I know. I'm only on Season 5. But I'm happy I did. Especially at this time.

Which Friends character do you identify with?

My husband asked me this question. I said Monica. Because I like things organized. Though I don't cook, I do love watching cooking shows and daydream of cooking those delicious dishes myself.

I took a fun quiz and it says I'm more of a Phoebe. Not bad. I've transitioned to veganism for the same reason Phoebe doesn't eat meat.

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We need shows like Friends. During this global crisis, we certainly need to find humor in things. To not forget to laugh.

The Chosen is the first-ever-multi-season TV show about the life of Jesus. My husband discovered it through an ad and checked it out.

Today we started watching episode 1. It has a different approach compared to other films about Christ.

It is more about the people around him. On the first episode, Jesus only appeared in the last part.

I hope to see more exciting scenes on this series.

Today is the start of the Holy Week.

What I got from the message in today's homily is this:

God was able to make a big sacrifice because of His big love for us.

Giving up Your one and only son is no easy feat. I don't know any parent who is willing to offer their child's life for the good of other people. Especially sinners.

Do you want to understand God's great love better? We humans have a limited understanding. We cannot fathom God's wisdom and love.

But here's something I can suggest. Watch this video about a man and his son who loves train.

WARNING: You will need a lot of tissues.

My disconnect post yesterday is perfect timing for the Holy Week. Social media and desserts is what I usually sacrifice during this time.

That's nothing compared to God's ultimate sacrifice but it's something. And it really is a sacrifice for me. I'm a sweet tooth. 

Well, so far Day 6 is much better than the previous days.

It made a huge difference not reading the news and checking social media.

I think I can survive this qu arantine. I hope you can too. Hang in there. I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Your turn

  • Do you also give up something during the Holy Week? What is it?
  • What did you do today that you didn't do during the previous days of qu arantine?

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