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King of the Jungle

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We're on Day 3 and things are getting crazier. Not only does the number of deaths and new cases are still increasing, the government is politicizing what's happening.

King of the Jungle

It's disheartening what's going on right now.

Instead of going after people who are not doing their part---or worse violating the protocol, the government goes after the competent ones.

Maybe they are threatened. Because those who are doing their jobs are showing people how it should be done. Thus, revealing who are just here for the money.

Who knows? I can never understand how the evil people mind's work.

It feels like we're in a movie. Like Hunger Games.

People are going after each other in the name of food and survival. And those who are in power just sit there and watch us tear each other apart.

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Are you also troubled like me?

We're in this together. Let me give you some encouragement as I seek to find encouragement myself. Remember this:

In this world you will have trouble. 
But take heart! I have overcome the world. 
-John 16:33

Right now it is hard to believe.

The evil seems to be winning. Especially since a lot of people still choose to be silent. Forgetting that choosing to be neutral in situations of injustice is choosing the side of the oppressor. (Desmond Tutu)

But this is not new. In the books, movies or even in real life, I have seen evil rise in power. But I have also seen them fall.

In all the times that I have experienced or witnessed injustice myself, the song King of the Jungle of Steven Curtis Chapman has always given me hope.

Here are some lines:

Well the day has just begun and I'm already running late
With too many irons in the fire and too much on my plate
I'd be pulling out my hair if I could just get one hand free
And I'd stop this world if I could find the key

What I see is telling me I'm going crazy, but
What is real says God's still on His throne
What I need is to remember one thing
That the Lord of the gentle breeze is Lord of the rough and tumble
And He is King of the Jungle 
Yes He is

People say this world's a jungle and sometimes I must admit
I'd be scared to death if I did not know who was King of it
But the truth is God created this whole world with His own hand
So everything is under His command

Everything is still under His command.

We have a big God. He's bigger than this crisis.

Some people may abuse the gift of freewill given to them, but there is still the Law of the Harvest:

You reap what you sow.

This law works like the law of gravity. You can never defy it. You can never avoid it.

Here's another verse to remember when you feel like the enemy is winning:

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. 
You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. 
-Psalm 23:5

I am afraid. I am disheartened. I am even angry.

Every day it seems the enemy is doing something to crush my spirit. But I hold on to these words and promises.

I hope you will too.

Your turn

  • What quote or verse do you go back to when you feel burdened or troubled?
  • What song do you play to remind you that everything will get better?

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