How Millennials Are Redefining The Wedding Industry

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Although there has been a trend in marriages declining among millennials, the wedding industry is thriving. 

According to IBIS World, the wedding industry generated a revenue of about $76 billion in 2019. 

Social media is putting a little pressure on soon-to-be-wed couples that wedding suppliers must be on top of their games. 

There's wedding planning career training available for those who want to be the best of the best in the wedding industry. 

Because a wedding may be a fun event but it's serious business.

While millennials might not be getting married or as early in age as other generations, they are spending a lot and going all out when they do get hitched.

Millennials are redefining the wedding industry in the types of weddings they are having and going against tradition. 

Here are just a few ways the industry is changing thanks to millennials: 

How Millennials are Redefining the Wedding Industry

1. Variety of Venues

A growing trend in weddings is to stray away from the traditional church wedding and banquet hall for the reception. 

Millennials are instead booking venues that double as both the wedding ceremony and reception area. 

A growing trend in unconventional wedding spaces such as barns and vineyards is increasing too. 

These venues allow for more customizable decorating and give great options for indoor or outdoor weddings. 

Many couples are also choosing venues that hold some sort of special meaning in their relationships such as the place they met or museums that they enjoy.

Millennials Redefining Wedding Industry with a variety of venues

2. DIY

Even though millennials are spending more on their weddings than any other generation, they still seek out ways to cut costs.

DIY elements can often easily be incorporated into little aspects of a wedding such as with giveaways or little decor accents. 

This allows couples to incorporate something more personalized and customized to their wedding. 

DIY helps keep their wedding on budget while also incorporating something unique to their wedding instead of just having another “cookie-cutter” wedding. 

Wedding reception table

3. Personalization

Along with DIY, millennials are obsessed with incorporating personalization elements into their weddings.

This comes down to every single element of the wedding planning process. 

Even engagement rings are experiencing a trend in personalization. 

More and more couples are looking for custom rings that they design together. This makes it easier to select the best quality diamond to put in a custom setting. 

This trend towards designed weddings can be traced to the surge in the role of social media in weddings. 

And what could be cuter than a customized wedding ring? It's the symbol of your love and loyalty. Why not make it your own?

Custom-made wedding rings Sydney will complete your personalized wedding dream. 

You can only wear your wedding gown once. But your ring is something you'll wear for a lifetime. Make a wise investment in that wedding band.

Millennials Redefining Wedding Industry with custom-made wedding rings

4. Social Media

Social media is the biggest reason the wedding industry has been redefined and navigated by millennials. 

Instagram and Pinterest are the wedding industry’s go-to for figuring out wedding trends.

Instead of looking at wedding magazines or consulting wedding planners, couples are instead looking to these two platforms for ideas and inspiration for their own ceremonies. 

Both platforms can explain why couples are so image-conscious over their weddings. 

Couples now take into consideration how photo-friendly their weddings are because of Instagram and Pinterest. 

This investment in creating photogenic weddings also pushes couples to add some customization and unique experiences to their weddings.

Millennials Redefining Wedding Industry with social media

5. Experiences over Traditions

Millennial couples are also changing the wedding industry by the type of weddings they favor. 

More and more millennials are opting to choose experiences over traditions. 

A clear sign of that is the growth in destination weddings. 

According to WeddingWire, one in four weddings are destination weddings and that statistic seems to be growing. 

Couples are also looking to include experiences within their wedding by things like a cigar bar and trendy entertainment such as aura photography.

Millennials are redefining the wedding industry by choosing more personalized decorations and experiences for their weddings. 

Millennials Redefining Wedding Industry with unique experience

Weddings today are all about incorporating unique elements that reflect the experiences of a couple’s relationship. 

While this may be the trend for millennials who are getting married now, the wedding industry may see a change in the future.

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