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Fake Reviews For Babyonlinedress

10:19 PM

fake reviews for babyonlinedress and other fashion websites

I'm exposing offers I've received to post fake reviews for Babyonlinedress and other fashion brands like 27dress, Luvyle, Joracon, Stylewe, Shoespie, Lukalula.

I think that all these brands are under the same management because if you check their websites, they have some similar items in their galleries and sometimes use the same email.

If you're an online shopper like me, online reviews matter---a lot!

So imagine my surprise and exasperation when I got an offer to post false reviews for certain fashion brands at a very cheap price.

That is a double offense for me.

First, as a blogger who work hard and is passionate about my mission to influence.

Second, as a consumer who wants to get value for the hard earned money I spend on the items I buy.

I posted about this on trusted review sites exposing the fraudulence behind these brands.

It irks me to see that they are still receiving 5-star reviews. These supposed satisfied customers are not only raving about the dresses they received, but are claiming that the 1-star reviews are fake.

They're making it look like we are the liars and we are only doing it "maybe because of grudge against the company" as one review says.


So here I am not only warning you but also showing evidence that I have received offers to post a fake review from these companies through email.

When I was just starting on my blog, I received banner ad requests from a lot of fashion brands. 

Little did I know that a few months later, some of these brands would come back and ask to work for another project with them again. A fraud one!

I feel sorry for their victims who claimed that:

  • they never received the item
  • they received something that does not look anything like the item in the photo
  • or nobody is answering their call or email asking for a refund

Fake Reviews for Babyonlinedress and other Brands 

Click individual photos to read better

I have warned some close friends and the wedding group I joined on FB about these brands:

  • Babyonlinedress
  • 27dresses
  • Just Fashion Now
  • Stylewe
  • Popjulia
  • Joracon
  • Shoespie
  • Luvyle
  • Lukalula
  • Selaros

But I feel like it is my obligation to warn everyone I could reach and appeal to my fellow bloggers or online influencers to please, please, PLEASE not accept the offer.

Because sadly, there are those who agree in exchange for a few dollars. 

Babyonlinedress facebook group promoting fake reviews

Babyonlinedress facebook group Christmas promotion

I am hopeful though that there are still people out there whose credibility cannot be bought. 

As I've said here before, somehow blogging transcends from being just a hobby to being an extension of our lives. It is our online presence. It reflects who we are. 

Anyway, I will let these screenshots be proof enough that these brands are making money out of deception.

Babyonlinedress' offer to post fake reviews

Babyonlinedress email offer to post fake review on FB group

Babyonlinedress email offer to post on blog about their products

27dress' offer to post fake reviews

27dress email offer to post fake reviews on trustpilot

They forgot to BCC the recipients on their email. This message was sent to 73 recipients including myself and sad to say, some responded that they are interested.

27dress email recipients

Luvyle's offer to post fake reviews

Luvyle email request to post fake reviews

I had a feeling that this was another fraud offer judging from the many requirements and the low budget so I asked for more details. And I was right!

Luvyle email offer to post fake review

Shoespie's offer to post fake reviews

This is the first company to offer me a fake review

Joracon's offer to post fake reviews

Joracon email offer to post fake review

Joracon email offer to post fake comments

Joracon offer to post fake review on trustpilot

Stylewe's offer to post fake reviews

Stylewe email offer to post fake review part 1

Stylewe email offer to post fake review part 2

Stylewe email offer to post fake review part 3

These companies just never stop. Now their approach is offering a content writing job. I've received another email to post a fake review (as content writing job) on reputable review sites.

I contacted Trustpilot, Sitejabber and other review sites and they are thankful for my exposé. 

They have been working internally on how to avoid and filter fake reviews which makes me happy. Because that means they're taking these frauds as seriously as I am.

For my wedding, I bought my bridesmaids dresses online based on a recommendation from the Facebook group I've been a member of for a while now.

So I understand the importance of reviews.

How can we tell now which ones are real and which ones are false? I wish I have the correct answer. 

What you can do

Buying online is a huge risk. Especially if the item is for a major event or special occasion and doesn't come cheap.  

My advice then to avoid becoming a victim of these fraud companies is to:

Do your own research. That's why I posted this because in case you're looking for proof if you could trust the 5-star reviews you see, here it is.

Ask around. When I was doing research for wedding suppliers, I didn't only read the reviews but I also contacted those who posted a bad review and asked if their issue has been resolved or not. I also asked friends if they have a personal experience with the company or know someone who does.

Trust your gut. If you think it's too good to be true, it probably is. Follow your intuition. If something's not right, don't buy.

Buy from physical store. As much as possible, buy from a store where you can see the actual product. At least you know if there is a problem right away and you can go back if you need a refund or exchange.

I understand the convenience of online shopping. I've bought stuff online too.

In the past, I have also worked with some brands.

But I see to it that I post an objective review even when I received the item for free. I would always add the disclaimer that all opinions are my own.

At the end of the day, my blog is not just for me to express my thoughts and rants about  life and love. It is not just for sharing my experiences and travels. It's my service to others.

The least I could do in exchange for the time you give me by reading my posts is to be as honest and real to you as possible.

I hope you find this review before you buy from any of these brands.

Are you also buying online? How do you distinguish a genuine review from a fake one?

Wait! I've got more stories for you...


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  1. Dear Lady, Especially impressed by your emphatic:"I am hopeful though there are still people out there whose credibility cannot be bought."
    We must all be wary of commercialism that exceeds human dignity. Thank you for this effective, cautionary post.