3 Sexy Things To Do On Your Honeymoon

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Once your wedding day is over and done with, you and your partner will be embarking on a new life together, starting with your honeymoon. No matter if its Maui, St. Lucia, the South of France, or some other destination there are a few things you can do to spice up your honeymoon. Below are three ways to make your post-nuptial vacation a sexy and unforgettable one!

3 Sexy Things to Do on Your Honeymoon

Arrange a private dinner in a beautiful setting

Whether you are honeymooning in a resort on the beach or tucked away in a beautiful location in the mountains somewhere, many top restaurants offer private dinners that guests can make special reservations for.

If you’re planning to be honeymooning at a resort beach side, you can pick a restaurant and schedule a candlelit dinner on the beach or in a private room overlooking the ocean.

If you’d like to go for something more elaborate you can opt for an extravagant dinner cruise in West Palm Beach, if you happen to be enjoying your post-nuptial vacation along the Florida beaches. Another option is to arrange for in-room dining.

At certain resort locations, you can have a chef prepare you and your partner dinner while you relax in your room and enjoy a private meal made for the two of you.

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Play a sexy game

A fun way to spice up your honeymoon is to engage in a playful, sexy game with your new spouse. Playing a sexy game is a great way to explore each other’s hidden fantasies. Many people have hidden fantasies that they may not want to share with anyone, other than maybe a robotic doll.

Your honeymoon is a great time to up the intimacy level though and explore those hidden fantasies with your partner. There are games available for purchase such as Lust!, Fantasies, The Kama Sutra Game, and Chocolate-opoly.

There are also classic games that you may have at home like Twister or Jenga that you can use to add some extra fun. If you’re not sure how to turn Jenga into a fun and sexy game, there are many online tutorials that will show you how. Engaging in role playing is another fun way to spice things up and add intimacy, as well.

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Put on a new piece of lingerie every night

Lingerie is a great way to indulge and splurge on yourself, plus the reveal is fun and exciting and something you can have fun with. You can opt for an elegant piece such as a silk chemise with matching bra and panties one night.

On another night, you can go for a colorful bra and panty set, making sure to choose a color that compliments your skin tone. Depending on your style you can choose a print piece such as a floral or animal print ensemble for a different night.

Other ideas include all-lace ensembles or see through lingerie. There’s also extravagant pieces such a swarovski crystal-studded bras and thongs, or classic, sexy pieces such a bustier paired with a garter belt and thigh high stockings.

The wonderful thing about bustiers is they tuck in everything and lift you up. Plus, they come in an array of colors and materials. If you’re buying new lingerie items for your honeymoon, make sure you try on everything to ensure each piece fits well and you feel good in it.

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No matter which activities you choose to participate in on your honeymoon, the important part is that you and your partner have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

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