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Understanding Parasitic Diseases – 8 Basic Tips To Avoid Them

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Understanding Parasitic Diseases – 8 Basic Tips To Avoid Them

Did you know?

Millions of microbes dwell in our bodies from the gut to the skin.

Some of these microbes are good as they aid digestion, while others are harmless.

But parasites can infiltrate our systems, and these are harmful disease-causing agents.

Understanding Parasitic Diseases & 8 Basic Tips to Avoid Them  

What are Parasitic Diseases?

To understand what parasitic diseases are think of an external organism latching on to your body and using you as a host.

This parasite then slowly consolidates itself in your body and starts taking your nutrients. 

They reduce the energy and nutrients that your organs are supposed to get.

There are other complications as the parasite grows and becomes more powerful.

Some move around the body and cause horrible things to happen when they end up in the wrong place (e.g., neurocysticercosis).

Parasites are bad news.

Various types of organisms can lead to different conditions.

These parasitic diseases range from mild digestive disorders to grave complications in other delicate human organs.

Parasites can take their toll in so many other ways.

Unexplained tiredness and other symptoms can affect mental health in the long run if not addressed.

Many who suffer from parasitic diseases cannot concentrate, affecting their work and personal lives.

Understanding the basics of parasitic infections can help you find ways to avoid them. Here are eight basic tips to follow:

1. Drink filtered water

Eating out and long-term traveling leave you a little vulnerable. The least you can do is stick to bottled water.

Always check the cleanliness levels of an eatery before you have a meal there. 

If possible, get a glance at the cooking area.

For your home, it's best to use a water filter system to get rid of water contaminants including parasites.

Basic Tip To Avoid Parasites: Drink bottled water

2. Avoid cleaning up after your pets

Pregnant women have to be especially careful since there are parasites that can cause complications to the baby. 

They should avoid cleaning up after their pets. Cat litter is a major source of parasites.

Basic Tip To Avoid Parasites: Avoid cleaning up after your pets

3. Wash your hands regularly

Washing hands is elementary but very effective in reducing the chances of parasitic infections.

Children, especially, need to be trained in hygiene as they can be very susceptible to parasitic diseases.

Here's a short video reminding you how to wash your hands properly.

4. Store foods properly

Many parasites are in raw, uncooked food.

Never bring raw meat in contact with your other food. Store it in the freezer. Or better yet, go plant-based.

Basic Tip To Avoid Parasites: Store foods properly

5. Wash vegetables

Wash vegetables for salads thoroughly. Add a bit of vinegar to the water. 

You can also soak the veggies in a brine solution as the salt will kill the organisms present.

Basic Tip To Avoid Parasites: Wash veggies

6. Clean your home

Cleanliness around the home will inhibit the growth of parasites. Use dustbins to store your garbage and handle them carefully wearing gloves.

Basic Tip To Avoid Parasites: Clean your home

7. Dispose of stagnant water

Water puddles in the garden can help many organisms breed, so do not allow stagnant water to collect near the house.

Basic Tip To Avoid Parasites: Dispose stagnant water

8. Detoxing to Get Rid of Yeast

A yeast infection is a form of parasitic disease.

The yeast can be growing on folds of your skin, or it may have infiltrated your digestive system.

Yeasts like candida are found in the human body and are inconsequential in small amounts. 

When it is allowed to nourish and grow, the results can be severe.

The symptoms are digestive bloating, constipation, diarrhea to chronic fatigue and are challenging to track. They can derail your lifestyle.

One of the best ways to rid your body of parasitic infections by yeasts is to follow a detox diet.

Adopt healthier eating habits.

Yeasts like candida thrive on carbs, so you need to lower your carb intake.

That would mean no more fast food for a while as there are a lot of carbs and sugar there.

A high-fiber diet also helps regulate your bowel movement and expel the yeast.

Take probiotic supplements to replenish the good gut microbes that help in your digestion. 

If you are considering this, you could check out this Bio X4 review page to see what those who have tried think about this supplement. 

It may help you decide if this could be an option for you.

Probiotics are naturally found and abundant in food, but you can also get them from other sources like Bio Complete 3 probiotics to keep your gut lining healthy.

Here are seven probiotics-rich food you should include in your diet:

  • Yogurt
  • Sauerkraut
  • Miso
  • Tempeh
  • Kimchi
  • Kombucha
  • Pickled veggies
Basic Tip To Avoid Parasites: Detox

Prevention is Always Better than Cure

Be smart and informed to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Parasites can often live undetected for months and years in our system.

Awareness and understanding of parasites and the diseases they bring help prevent health risks. 

Have your family checked by physicians and keep an eye on your surroundings.

Follow these simple tips to avoid getting parasitic diseases.

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