6 Thoughtful and Creative Ways To Say Thank You

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6 Thoughtful and Creative Ways To Say Thank You

6 Thoughtful and Creative Ways To Say Thank You

We should say thank you more often. 

Gratitude releases the happy hormones dopamine and serotonin, giving us that light, calm, and pleasant feeling.

Sometimes, we are overwhelmed with gratefulness that a simple thank you doesn’t seem enough to express how we really feel.

Here are six thoughtful and creative ways to say thank you when words are inadequate.

6 Thoughtful and Creative Ways To Say Thank You

1. Write a poem

It doesn’t matter if you’re a gifted writer or you’ve never tried to make anything rhyme before.

Writing a poem to express your feelings is a creative way to say thank you. 

The time you spent writing and the effort and emotions you poured into it will be appreciated. 

It's a beautiful gift that the receiver can keep forever.

Thoughtful and Creative Way To Say Thank You: Write A Poem

2. Give a gift

Giving a gift is another thoughtful way to say thank you. A bonus point to you if Gift is the recipient's love language

Any gift will do, but it will be excellent if you know what the other person would love.

If they love entertainment, buy them tickets at

Let them unwind and have fun with their choice of amusement. Find great deals and give them tickets for concerts (if you know they love Latin music, you could consider giving them Grupo Firme tickets) or tickets for theater plays, sports, and other events.

Or put together a gift basket with their favorites. 

Books, DVDs, goodies, a bottle of wine, a bouquet of flowers, anything they love can be a wonderful and creative thank you gift.

Thoughtful and Creative Way To Say Thank You: Buy them tickets

3. Write a letter to say thank you

An oldie but a goodie, writing letters would be a heartwarming gift. You can also buy a thank you card and mail it to them. 

There is something intimate and poetic in written letters.

Thoughtful and Creative Way To Say Thank You: Write a Letter

4. Create a video

If you're not too big with words but have the eyes and creativity to make a video, that's another great way to say thank you.

Create a video from unpacking the gift to using it and sharing how much you love it. 

You can create a slide show, a short film, or an animated video using apps online. 

With all the tools available on the internet right now, the only limit is your imagination.

Thoughtful and Creative Way To Say Thank You: Create a video

5. Invite them out for a meal

Food is everybody's love language. 

Eating good food is a universal favorite. So, to show your thoughtfulness and gratitude, take them out and let them choose where they want to dine

It will also be your chance to catch up.

Thoughtful and Creative Way To Say Thank You: Invite them out

6. Pay it forward

Sometimes, we'd receive an anonymous gift or be shown kindness by a stranger. 

But, unfortunately, we wouldn't get the chance to thank them. Or they simply will not accept anything in return (God bless their hearts!). 

If that's the case, pay them back by paying it forward. 

Help a stranger, volunteer your time to community work or shelters, donate, or plant a tree in their name. 

Now that's a gift that will keep on giving.

How to say thank you in different languages

  • Filipino = Salamat (Thank you very much = Maraming salamat)
  • Hawaiian = Mahalo
  • Turkish = Teşekkür ederim (Thank you very much = Çok teşekkürler)
  • Spanish = Gracias (Thank you very much = Muchas gracias)
  • Danish = Tak 
  • Italian = Grazie
  • French = Merci
  • Korean = Gamsahabnida
  • German = Danke
  • Arabic = Shukraan
  • Japanese = Arigato
  • Indonesian = Terima kasih
  • Thai = Khàawp-Khun
  • Portuguese = Obrigado
  • Hindi/Indian = Dhanyavaad
  • Chinese = Xièxiè

Saying thank you may seem an ordinary act we take for granted, but thankfulness is impactful.

Here's why you should say thank you more often.

What are the thoughtful and creative ways you've done to say thank you? Share it in the comments below. 

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  1. Writing a letter can be such a thoughtful and meaningful way of thanking someone; taking the time to put thoughts down in writing can mean the world :) Beautiful post! x

  2. Hi, Lux!

    I enjoyed this piece on creative ways to say thank you. I believe anything DIY, such as composing a poem, writing a snail mail letter or fashioning a handmade gift, carries more meaning and has greater impact than a borrowed poem or a store bought gift. Paying it forward is also a wonderful idea, especially if a needy individual is on the receiving end. A random act of kindness can have a ripple effect and affect many other lives down the line.

    I wish to thank you today, dear friend Lux. More than a year ago, in a comment you left on Shady Dell Music & Memories, you told me that it strained your eyes to read my blog with its bright white text on pure black background. I took your words to heart and shortly thereafter made the decision to create a new blog, one that would hopefully be easier on the eye. A week ago I launched Shady's Place - the blog you inspired - and many readers have told me the new color combination produces less eye strain. I hope you will bookmark my new site and choose to follow me there. Thank you, dear friend Lux!

  3. Interesting post dear! thanks for sharing xx