Say It With Flowers

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Say It With Flowers

Whatever you want to say, whatever the occasion is, it is best to say it with flowers. Japanese scholar Okakura Kakuzo hit the nail right on the had when he said, "In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends."

Whether the occasion is fun or not, flowers can never go wrong as a gift.

Flowers are our friends indeed as they express beautifully what our words fail to convey. Flowers got our backs.

Admiration, empathy, passion, love, commendation, consolation---you can sure count on flowers to bring your message.

When you are the receiver, whether it was for celebration, special or ordinary day or during bereavement that someone gave you flowers, isn't it a comforting present that can somehow alleviate your sorrow and make you feel extra special?

We often see Valentine's Day flowers and so associate flowers with romantic love. But flowers definitely say more than that.

Say it with flowers

Get well soon

A loved one who is sick can be cheered up with a gift of flowers. The reason could be psychological effect by boosting the person's mood but studies have shown that patients recovering with flowers in their room experience less pain and have lower blood pressure.

I love you

I love you with flowers

Florist delivery gets busy during Valentine's Day and for a good reason. Significant others see to it to bring their partners or surprise them with flowers on this special day to express how much they love them. This plays an important role in strengthening relationships.

We made it!

Marking milestones like anniversaries also get extra special with flowers. It is like celebrating the moment and telling your partner you're happy you made it together to another year and you look forward to more years to come.

I'm sorry

Flowers are a beautiful peace offering, an apology that can surely make someone forget or at least lessen aggravation. It's especially effective when flower delivery comes with chocolates or cakes. Unless the person of course is on a strict low carbs and less sugar diet. Which if you think about it is not really a problem as flowers in itself can suffice.

You're awesome!

you're awesome - say it with flowers

Most people express their admiration with flowers. A friend who did a superb job on her play. Or a sister who aced her tests in school. Or maybe a blogger whom you've always followed just got a new book published. Tell them how awesome they are with flowers.

Deepest sympathy

Life isn't just about sunshine. When someone we know had a family member who passed away, we express our deepest sympathy by giving them or sending flowers. It may not instantly cheer them up but at least it can be a good reminder that there is still something good and beautiful in the world.

Deepest sympathy

A single stem of rose or a dozen, a bunch of assorted blooms or even a potted flowering plant, sometimes even a flower freshly picked from a garden, whatever it is, flowers still speaks a language so beautiful that no words are needed.

With the internet today, you may even just order from florists or online flower shops and transact your request wherever you are. You can customize your order or pick from what's already in their "display". They can then deliver it to the recipient with your instructions.

Have something to say? Say it with flowers.

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  1. Hello, thanks for the information. Have a nice day!

  2. Nice post!! ;)
    Agnese & Elisa

  3. I love all types of flowers, but roses are probably my favorite, I am a very lucky girl because my husband brings them home often just to see me smile. He's a keeper for sure!