Common Beauty Mistakes People Make On Their First Date

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Common Beauty Mistakes People Make on Their First Date

When planning for a first date with this new guy or girl you just met, it is perfectly reasonable to feel nervous. Why is this? You tend to overthink how to make an excellent first-time impression. A first date can either be a blessing or a curse depending on how well you present yourself. When things go well, a first date can be a perfect opportunity to impress your new catch especially if you met on an online site such as

However, when the first date goes sideways, it could leave you feeling less confident than before. Makeup should be used to emphasize your best features and not to replace them. Furthermore, the best makeup look of any date is one that makes you comfortable since, in the long run, you have yourself to impress. Here are some of the everyday beauty mistakes you can avoid on your first date.

Common Beauty Mistakes 

People Make On Their First Date

Lipstick on Your Teeth

Applying lipstick when going on your first date is a must. In fact, research has proven that putting on a pink or red lipstick increases the chances of someone being attracted to you. Nonetheless, overdoing the lipstick to the extent that it gravitates towards the teeth is a bad idea. This makes you look like a clown.

Too Much Fragrance or Perfume

With the anxiety and nervousness, you need some perfume to cover the smell emanating from your sweat. Be cautious not to use it in excess because this can be irritating to your partner or even result in frequent sneezing.

Too Much Fragrance or Perfume

Long Eyelashes

This is something most women are guilty of. There is nothing awkward about applying false eyelashes to look good. However, feathery and extremely long and thick lashes are a no on your first date. The development of new technology enables you to modify your eyelashes or false eyelashes while maintaining the usual length.

Scary Nails

When doing your manicure and pedicure, avoid wearing nails that are too long or colors that are too dark because this can scare your guy. Ensure your nails are clean. Then, wear neutrals to impress. Having poorly kept nails might send an impression of you being unhygienic.

Scary Nails

Overloading Bronzer

On your first date, you may want to apply some bronzer for your skin to be tan in order for you to look sensational and exotic. With excessive bronzer, guys tend to notice that your face and neck do not match. This gives the impression that you are wearing a mask. To avoid this, use a bronzer that is one or two shades darker than your natural skin color and ensure that you spread it evenly down to your neck and cleavage.

Excessively Penciled Eyebrows

There is a vast difference between natural eyebrows and those drawn with dark pencil. Very dark black brows created by a pencil are a big turn off to most guys. Wearing your eyebrows naturally or having them done by a professional will make you feel confident on your first date.

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