Here Is What Should Be A Part Of Your Wedding Favors Set

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Here Is What Should Be a Part of Your Wedding Favors Set

A wedding is all about details. One of such details is planning for the wedding favors set. From selecting a theme to deciding things that should be going in a set, there are chances that you will go crazy attempting to come up with a unique and useful favor for your guests. It isn't difficult to put together a creative wedding favors set – trust us when we say that you won't need a fairy godmother to compile one!

Guests who became a part of your wedding from far and close can be thanked by being gifted a wedding favor. Back in the day, it used to be a small treat; today it is a chance for couples to add a touch of their personality.

From customized dishes to boxes for savory foods, every item will bring a smile on their face and leave a lasting memory. Once you’ve settled on the idea, you can choose from the following list that will make sure to impress your guests.

What Should Be a Part of Your Wedding Favors Set 

First things first; a canvas tote bag:

If you don’t want the guests to toss out your favors on their way back; then here is a great idea: give them canvas bags tied up with small cards to say thanks. A canvas bag will not come in handy just at the time of your wedding but can be reused at the times of grocery shopping and picnics. A canvas tote not just conveys your swag, but it is pretty great on its own as well. Who wouldn’t want more bags to stuff their cupboard with? You can either personalize them according to your event’s theme or choose fun patterns online or at any retail store.

Customized canvas totes are currently one of the hottest trends for wedding favors. A canvas bag is an ideal gift for the wedding party or as a welcome bundle for out-of-town visitors. The solid material of canvas tote bags enables them to carry a bottle of wine, snacks, tissues, custom can coolers, emollient and other essentials. While you might be busy on your wedding day to meet everyone, make sure a canvas tote bag is there to greet them as a thanking gesture to share your special day.

tote bag wedding favors

Flip Flops

Flip flops will bring comfort to your guests at the time when ladies are tired of wearing painful heels and men want to kick off their tight shoes. Your guests will joyfully dance the whole night away. One thing you must consider is that the sizing might be an issue, and you additionally need to ensure that the space is sufficiently warm for people to remove their footwear.

Lotto Tickets

A lottery ticket is enough to thrill your guests for the rest of the wedding period. Wrap up the lottery tickets in a nice way, maybe in a pretty envelope or pair it with a small packet of snack. Giving them all alone may fall of crude as the tickets do not seemingly appear very appealing.


Territorial souvenirs are awesome when guests are traveling far for a destination wedding. They will get to spare their cash of buying a keepsake on their own, and they will have the capacity to relish the recollection of your wedding and the destination with the trinket.

Vintage Postcards

Postcards also make for a great wedding favor especially if you are doing a destination wedding. Attendants can send them off back home to their loved ones.

Even if your wedding isn’t a destination wedding; you can still design or buy postcards of landscapes or objects that hold a special value in your relationship with your significant other.

Wedding Favors - Vintage Postcards


Are you in search of a snappy approach that will bring purpose to your wedding flowers? By the end of the evening, an assigned individual can be asked to break down centerpieces and bunches to put them into glass bottles. It is an incredible idea to make sure that attendees take home an actual piece of that day – your big day – and ensures that those expensive blossoms won’t go to squander.


Seed bags are usually perceived as a figure of nurture and concordance, which makes them a valuable wedding favor. You can put in any flowers you like; however, it will be particularly affecting to place a type of bloom that was used throughout your big day.


Foreseeing a couple of happy tears amid your function? Vintage handkerchiefs are a touching and wistful remembrance that your visitors will acknowledge as you're rendering your handwritten promises.

Chocolate Bars

People with a sweet tooth will be delighted to see a chocolate bar with an illustrated label making it more sophisticated. Milk or dark is as per your choice, but this is going to be a certain hit for your guests.

Wedding Favors - Chocolate Bars

All you need to keep in mind is your wedding happens only once. But this should not mean that your guests and you have to forget about it once it happens. This is where a wedding favor set will play the role of a souvenir.

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