Travelling Tips and Tricks for the Smart Traveler

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Travelling Tips and Tricks for the Smart Traveler

With the internet’s help in making travel plans and vacations easy, everybody’s becoming wanderlust. Questions about the place you want to visit? Google travel blogs and website reviews. Need the cheapest deals in fares and accommodation? Travel agencies are just a click away. But how do you make your vacation not just memorable but as stress-free as possible? How do you upgrade your next trip to a luxury travel without breaking the bank? Here are some traveling tips and tricks for the smart traveler.

Tips and Tricks for the Smart Traveler

Plan carefully

So you’ve got your list of places to visit before you die. Now what? Where to start? How to get there? Plan.

I know it is more exciting to be adventurous and book a flight on a whim. That will be easy too if you have no budgetary problems. But if you have a few bucks saved up for travel fund and want to experience luxury travel once in a while that may not be practical.

List down the must-see places where you’re going. Research on the culture or practices as well as the laws you need to observe and follow to avoid any problem with the locals or authority.

See to it that your passport is not expiring soon or if it is, renew it before your travel date.

The dates you choose can greatly affect the price of the place and fares. If there is a concert, conference or important event happening, the prices will surely increase due to high demand. You might want to stay away from those dates.

Travelling Tips and Tricks

Consider all options

Promo fares or seat sales are tempting. Before you book, check competing airlines for fare. In booking accommodation, checkout different websites like Airbnb,, Agoda, Orbitz and the like for price comparison.

Sometimes, travel agencies offer cheaper packages for flight and accommodation too so you should also check them.

Is the travel tour really going to help you save or will it be better to just rent a car, join a group or explore by walking and commuting?

Ask, ask, ask

Be careful of hidden charges. Ask before you book or pay.

What is the coverage of the promo? Does the room rate include Wi-Fi, freezer or other things you need? Are they changing the schedule of the flight or the price of the hotel anytime near your travel date (if you are booking months ahead)?

Before booking anything or checking a place, read reviews, check ratings and blogs. If you have friends or are a member of a travel group, ask them too. First hand feedback is the best.
Always ask to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Also ask if you can get an upgrade. For hotels, you are most likely to get it if you check in before 4pm or 6pm. Ask airlines if you can get an upgrade.

travel smart

Check the time zone

How many hours difference are there from where you are coming from to where you’re going. Some precious lifestyle tips to travel smarter: consider the time difference (if there is) in booking your flight and schedule your itinerary accordingly to avoid jet lag.

There is no fun in traveling if you’re dizzy, fagged out, and fighting insomnia.

Allot at least a day to rest first before you start exploring the place. You don’t want to pass out in the middle of an unfamiliar place, do you?

Pack light and smart

Travels are easier when you don’t over-pack. Not only will you avoid going over baggage (you might see something you want to bring home as a souvenir or buy keepsakes for friends), it will also be less hassle.

Bring travel-sized toiletries. Pack the basics (intimates, comfortable and versatile clothes and shoes), pocket money, charger and powerbank. 

It is smart to bring a photocopy of your passport and ID and send a copy of it to your email too.

Try to pack lunch or some snacks that are convenient but also nutritious like food bars. This will not only help you avoid hypoglycemia but also help you save on your travel money so you can spend it on other things like buying souvenirs, paying for adventures (like zip line) or transportation like train money.

Pack light and smart

Be early

To avoid the long lines and being late, check-in online. Now it is possible to do so days before your flight. Don’t waste your time and energy on lines so you can focus on your travel instead.

Look luxurious

Keeping your clothes presentable so you can look posh is not as hard as you think. Keep your clothes crease-free by spraying water on your clothes and let it dry in the open.

Get the promo

Take advantage of promo fares and discounts in hotels. Find vouchers you can use or use your credit points in booking for accommodation. You can enjoy a night or two in a luxury hotel if you know where to look.

The best way to find deals is by signing up to the newsletters of different airlines or following them on social media.

luxurious travel

Just because you’re traveling luxuriously doesn’t mean you’ll have to pay the price.

A smart traveller doesn’t just jump into a trip but carefully checks and researches everything. A smart luxurious traveller doesn’t necessarily splurge on everything but looks into how he can make the trip comfortable and pleasant.

Most of all, he’s flexible enough to make the most out of the trip and enjoy even when circumstances won’t always go as planned.

What kind of traveler are you?

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  1. Well crafted, thoughtful tips for the smart travel. Yes, careful planning helps to avoid regrets later. Thanks for sharing...

  2. I barely ever travel but every time I plan I check first if I can eat anything since some places are not friendly for people with allergies.

  3. Thanks for the tips ~ Very useful indeed ~

  4. I loveeedd this post! Some wonderful important tips that we must consider before planning a trip.

    I have bookmarked this post, Lux.

  5. Never heard of that trick of spraying water on your clothes.
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    Be well.

  6. I love to travel and want to explore more & more places in my life. You shared cool and informative tips to make a trip hassle free. After following these tips and tricks, one can enjoy their trip to the fullest. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tricks with us.

  7. Well crafted, thoughtful tips for the smart travel. Yes, careful planning helps to avoid regrets later. Thanks for sharing...