Evan Golden: Dawn of Golden TV

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Dawn of Golden TV

Do you believe in serendipity? For Evan Golden of Eye of South Florida and Golden TV's successful career as a print and television model, entertainment, and sports reporter, you can say it has played a significant role. That fateful day MTV producers saw him was the dawn of golden TV, so to speak.

Why Golden TV?

Most shows are just taking so much air time but not delivering quality. In short, you sit there, and in the end, you gain nothing. You just wasted hours of your life you won’t be getting back.

You sit there and wonder, “What did I just watch?”

Sad to say, young people---especially children--- are sometimes left alone or allowed by their parents or guardians to watch on their own.

Curiosity or poor judgment may lead them to watch TV shows unsuitable for their young minds.

Media is a vast and powerful influence in children’s formative years, developing behavior and educating the public. TV is one accessible tool that can do all that.

Evan Golden offers edutainment. 

Evan said in his own wise words, “Edutainment is a form of entertainment designed to educate as well as amuse.”

Getting educated does not have to be boring, and that’s how Evan delivers his shows.

When you turn on your cable TV (or streaming platforms), there are thousands of shows to choose from. 

When watching interviews and shows on TV, look for Evan Golden. 

This guy knows how to add value to what he does, which in the same way, adds value to his viewers.

About Evan Golden

I’ve mentioned serendipity playing a significant role in Evan Golden’s life.

That is because although he has loved the camera since college and did some co-hosting programs in his school, it was only by chance that he got discovered and started his career as a TV personality.

He was accompanying his sister for an audition for MTV. 

The expert eyes of MTV producers saw a star in Evan and asked him to audition for a special with actress, singer, and dancer Carmen Electra. He auditioned and, not surprisingly, got the part.

The rest is golden TV history.

Evan Golden’s page

Shows Evan Golden appeared in:
  • Trigger Happy
  • The Mandy Moore Show
  • Wanna Come In (MTV)

He was most recognized when he appeared on the reality show Ivana Young Man hosted by Ivana Trump.

Aside from being a print model, he also appeared in advertisements like Ovaltine (More Ovaltine, please?!), Walt Disney Wilderness Lodge, Bowman’s Online Sports, Orange, E!, and Rockstar Energy Drink.

You can see Evan interviewing big shots in the entertainment and sports industry.

Now he’s a successful TV producer and host of Eye on South Florida.

Golden Heart

Aside from his career in edutainment, Evan is also a philanthropist. He is giving back and supporting charities like Meadow’s Movement in honor of the memory of Meadow Pollack, a former student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who was shot with 17 other students and staff members.


Golden TV 

Nowadays, everyone can host and run their own shows. The competition to be the best is challenging.

The good thing is viewers are now more intelligent. 

They don’t just watch to be entertained. They tend to learn too. They know that every second spent is a learning opportunity. 

And that’s where edutainment becomes a standard when looking for something to pass your time.

If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find gold on TV with Evan Golden’s Golden TV.

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  1. IT is always wonderful to find you here. You write so beautifully. Awesome photos and your post share is filled with so many truths. I get tired of the media and TV programs trying to influence me. SO I Am happy blogging. ALways my pleasure to be here. Have a great week. HUGS

  2. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  3. I must admit I hadn't heard of Evan Golden, I will check his work out. Incidentally, they say many people are watching TV via another screen now - iPad etc in front of them with the TV behind that they watch distractedly - TV is now becoming known as the second screen!