6 Ways You Can Feel Closer To Nature

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6 Ways You Can Feel Closer To Nature

Even though we all are mere byproducts of nature, as humans we seem to be overly preoccupied in the material world which we have created ourselves, leaving little room for recognizing and appreciating the wonderful gifts of nature. Everything around us comes from what we come from – we all are related in some ways. Hence, not only is it important to appreciate nature, but it is also very important for every person to feel close to nature in order to realize that materialistic issues or problems are not that serious in the grander scheme of things. Here are six ways a person can feel closer to nature.

6 Ways You Can Feel Closer To Nature

Being conscious of water wastage

The reason that this approach is put in the first place is because water wastage is a matter of immediate urgency. While there are millions of people around the world struggling to find clean sources of water, there are several people and industries that gladly wastewater. Mother Teresa once said that every drop is important to the ocean – in this case, every drop saved matters in this fight to preserve this wonderful natural resource that keeps us all alive.

water wastage


Another great way to become more involved with nature is to read about it – reading about nature, the immediate threats to nature, what people can do to combat these threats – all of these can play a crucial role in opening an individual’s eyes in his bid to come close to nature. The more you read about nature, the more you will understand nature’s blessings, and this will gradually nurture a healthy relationship between Mother Nature and you.


Observing nature and journaling personal observations

This is exactly how most naturalists and botanists gain an intricate understanding of the plants, animals and scientific cycles of the earth that guide us all – this activity is not exclusively meant for the experts, anyone can do it in order to feel well acquainted with nature.


Spending unhindered time with nature

Be it hiking, biking or camping– everyone must have a fixed routine on a monthly basis where they can go out in the wild, exploring local woods, forests or mountains. This ‘nature and me’ time is important for people as it helps them lay off their over dependence on technology and enjoy the wonders of nature. In a simple way, you can also enjoy a significant closeness with nature through gardening activities. It would be good to check out websites like Preparednessmama.Com, which offer valuable guidelines regarding gardening activities.

Forest bathing

This actually is an interesting activity. An ancient Japanese practice, ‘shinrin-yoku’ or forest bathing, is a natural way to decrease stress levels and improve mental wellness by the means of spending time with nature.


The perfect way to contribute to the cycle of life, engaging in composting is almost a miraculous way of converting waste into worth. All it takes is patience and the willingness to dispose waste materials in the appropriate manner.

These are some of the best ways to start off the journey to being closer to nature – a journey that all humans must embark upon. 

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