4 Good Reasons To Use PayPal For Online Shopping

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4 Good Reasons to Use PayPal for Online Shopping

Years ago, who would have thought that shopping can be a breeze and can be done without leaving the comforts of your home, paying without physically getting cash from your wallet, and handing it to the cashier? 

Times have changed. And what a beautiful change it is! 

Now you can shop with endless options at your fingertips and you pay hassle-free using online banking. Or the safer way---PayPal. 

Why PayPal? Here are 4 good reasons to use PayPal for online shopping.

4 Good Reasons to Use PayPal for Online Shopping

1. Safe transaction

Security is very important as nowadays, thieves are getting smarter and advanced too. They change with time and are also using technology to do their schemes. 

With the internet, it is easy for them to access your information especially your credit card or bank details.

PayPal is the safer way to purchase online because you can link your credit card information with PayPal. 

They keep your information private with their secured system. When paying through PayPal, your credit card information will not be stolen.

2. Fast and Convenient

Who doesn’t love convenience? In this day and age, people are always busy with work, business, or pleasure. You are able to do many things. One of which is doing important transactions online.

You can pay your bills, receive payment from clients, send money and shop online without the hassle of going out, lining up to the bank or payment centers, or physically going to the store.

When you create a PayPal account, you enter your information and it is stored in their system. When you need to pay for the items in your cart, there is no need to enter them again.

You can also check out faster when you use PayPal. Using PayPal is easy, fast, and convenient.

3. Buyer’s Security

PayPal makes it a point to regularly update its system in order to avoid external threats or frauds.

They also allow you to reimburse your money if by any chance the item you bought online did not arrive or if you had an issue with the seller. PayPal allows full reimbursement and shipping for up to $20,000 per item. (You may check PayPal’s policy for updates).
4. Ubiquity

PayPal payment is accepted in thousands of merchants, online stores, and apps. 

Top online retailers like Zaful, eBay, Google Play, and Best Buy allow you to transact using PayPal. Apps such as Starbucks, Uber, Air BnB, Netflix, Spotify, and the like accept PayPal payments too.

Some stores give promos and exclusive offers when you buy through PayPal like free shipping and free returns and discounts.

But how do you know if your favourite brand or the business you need is accepting PayPal? is a reliable website with a list of major online stores, web-based service providers, and software tools that take PayPal as a form of payment in their database.

Their site is easy to navigate with categories (shopping sites, internet services, web tools, software applications) to make it easier for you to browse, find and compare stores that accept PayPal payment.


The world is at your fingertips. That may sound cliché but with what we can do with a swipe and a click, that is not far from reality. 

With this possibility though comes the risk and disadvantages of exposing your private information to the public. 

It is wise to use the better, safer way in doing transactions online. 

For online shopping, PayPal is by far the most popular choice.

Is your favorite shop on PayPal?

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  1. Whenever I have a choice, I use Paypal to pay. It's easier, because all my credit cards are loaded and I don't have to type in all the numbers.

  2. I use Paypal myself! I love using it for how safe and secure it is, and how speedy as well ;)