Things To Keep In Mind When Traveling To Zurich

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Things To Keep In Mind When Traveling To Zurich

Zurich is a vibrant city that is steeped in artistic beauty and yet has a contemporary feel to it. The pulse of Zurich lies as much in its historical sites as in its trendy neighborhoods and luxury boutiques. 

As a cosmopolitan city that blends nature with urban life in an incredible manner, Zurich is truly a traveler’s delight. Being the financial nerve center of Switzerland, the city attracts business travelers and tourists alike. 

If you are planning to travel this largest metropolis of Switzerland, remember that the city has a culture of its own. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind when traveling to Zurich:

Things To Keep In Mind When Traveling To Zurich

Euros don’t work in Zurich

The whole of Switzerland, including Zurich, doesn’t use euros as their official currency. Swiss Franc is the currency that works there. In other words, you will have to convert your money to Swiss Franc when you travel to Zurich. 

Otherwise, you will have to depend on your credit cards when making transactions. If you want to get the best exchange rate for your currency, get them exchanged at the banks in Zurich. 

Hotels or currency exchange offices may charge a fee for the service. You can also withdraw the Swiss currency from an ATM.

It is an expensive city

There’s no escaping the fact that Zurich is one of the priciest cities in the world. In 2017, Zurich was declared the most expensive city in Europe. So, if your currency pales in comparison to the Swiss Franc, do your calculations well ahead of embarking on the trip. 

Else, you may find yourself quickly drained of money when you are in the city. But one good thing is that you can enjoy tax-free shopping in Zurich. So, a visit to those luxurious boutiques of Zurich may not hurt your pocket so much after all!

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It’s better to plan ahead your transportation

Although Zurich has a very good public transportation system, you may not want to hop on a train after you get down from a long flight. 

Also, if your flight is scheduled for a late night landing or gets delayed and lands after midnight, it can be a problem for you to arrange transportation to your destination. 

Opting for an airport transfer service can be a great way to make sure that your transportation remains ready at the Zurich airport, regardless of when your flight lands. 

If you are to travel straight to one of the ski resorts in and around Zurich, you can hire the services of an Airport ski transfer provider for the purpose.

The city is small in size but big in natural sights

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland, but it doesn’t boast of a very large area. Even then, the city offers some of the most delightful natural sights on Earth. 

There are a number of things to do in Zurich. Right from the museums and the art galleries to the active nightlife, there is something for everyone in Zurich!

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  1. Oh I just love Zurich.My son lives there, so been there all the time.One more thing , I never had any problem while paying with Euro.

    1. Oh, that's good to know. Thanks for the input.

  2. I haven't been to Zurich before, but I have been to Basel and somewhere else in Switzerland too (I've forgotten the name!) I wasn't expecting the currency shift until I was at the airport. And yes, it was quite pricey for little me :P

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  3. Oh I love Zurich too!
    Ans I wish to visit the place once in my lifetime. Such a great interesting post!

    I'm totally loving these travel posts, Lux. Please keep them coming. It is always so intriguing to learn more about different places in the world.

    Have A Great Week ahead.